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In Search of #6 is the story of the trials and trails of a man, a best friend, two bicycles, three states, four dispersed campsites, five tires, seven post-prandial naps, twenty-one dozen eggs, 1,100 miles, 15,000 vertical feet, and the search for a single kiss.

It is a tale of love, friendship, lactic acid, Achilles' Tendons, mistaken identities, false promises, broken dreams, large mountains, pungent flatulence, Heterosexual Life Partnership, childhood reminiscence, Umberto Eco, overused comic ploys, and considerable merriment. In Search of #6 is read by the author and includes audio interludes recorded during the course of the trip itself.

Prepare to hit the road. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wish there was more, and you'll certainly think twice about eating more than four eggs a day.

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  • As penned Thursday, June 16th, 2005, three days before our trip began, after a light breakfast of vegetarian sausages and scrambled eggs from free-range chickens.

  • Wherein Ben and Damon are well met; they pack their belongings, disassemble and reassemble their steeds, and begin their adventure; a heart is won, #6 is realized, and three dozen eggs are eaten.

  • Wherein Ben and Damon pedal a short distance, discover the sensual beauty of the post-prandial nap, and deplete their supply of neomycin; hardboiled eggs are consumed en masse and quickly expunged.

  • Wherein Ben and Damon bathe together, target nefarious chipmunks with pinecones, and consider certain options as pertaining to food; without eggs, the future is barren and bleak.

  • Wherein Ben and Damon consider the meaning of life; Damon's ankle is injured and Ben is doubtful of the authenticity of his painful moans; #6 is called upon to strengthen the spirits and the fallen hopes and dreams of the weary traveler; an egg is cracked and its yolk is spent on the ground like goat seed in sacrifice of those who came before them.

  • Wherein Ben and Damon visit hell and are not truly welcomed by the devil inasmuch as they are politely invited in for tea and a Salmonella Scramble which, being presented to them in the form of an egg, they cannot refuse and later regret it post-prandially.

  • Wherein Ben and Damon rekindle their longstanding friendship and put aside their bitter feud while reevaluating the truer meaning of prandial; Ben eats a rack of lamb and, without eggs, Damon suffers a fit of epilepsy and is comforted by a misplaced sparrow's egg, which he places in his bicycle shorts for good luck.

  • Wherein Ben and Damon cross the desert and are greeted by two angels awaiting a messiah; Ben applies Arnica Montana and Damon is tired; an egg is taught to square dance but while it performs for itinerant woodsmen it is shot in the flank with a flaming arrow wielded by a mysterious rider on horseback.

  • Wherein Ben and Damon rest at Crater Lake and #6 heals hearts and wounds; Ben is devoured by mosquitoes and Damon cooks eggs in his rain coat while mastering downward-facing dog pose using a frying pan that had been given to him on loan by the Virgin Mary herself and forever changed the egg-free culinary habits of the wandering nomads.

  • Wherein Ben and Damon attempt to proselytize the uninitiated in the Tao of Bicycling; their prostitis, having receded from days of rest, is replaced by a yearning for the finer things in life, including, but not limited to: the soft-boiled egg of yesteryear.

  • Wherein Ben and Damon admit to both themselves and their higher power that their addiction to eggs has disrupted the normal flow of their lives and that they must, through a series of post-prandial meetings, recover; they also continue to ride their bicycles.

  • Wherein Ben and Damon arrive at their journey's end and the now infamous egg is cooked again with renewed hope and love, and is consumed with salt and pepper, and an occasional spattering of ketchup.

  • As first drafted over the Labor Day Weekend of 2005 and then revised and completed exactly one year later, only after the issue of "how to boil a hard-boiled egg at higher altitudes?" had been finally tested and documented as such: "very carefully."

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