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FBI Agent Jess Harding always gets her man... or woman.

In this thriller, Harding returns to the scene of her first years as an FBI agent to track the still-at-large killer from her first case. Back in 2006, as a young, inexperienced agent, Harding chased leads across Alaska for a full summer without catching up with this killer. Now, after 5 years of honing her skills, she's back and ready to try again.

But when she starts to see that the killer knows a little something about her, the heat turns up and Harding realizes she may not be the only one getting chased.

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  • Meet Jess Harding, FBI agent on her way to investigate a serial killer case in Anchorage, Alaska. Five years ago, she started her career on this case and followed it as best she could with no suspects. Now he's killing again and she's ready for another shot!

  • Jess Harding further investigates Samantha Parker's apartment. A break in the case? Meeting Willy R. Nelson and a talk with Agent Linstrom.

  • In this episode, Jess Harding finds out more than she wants to know about Willy R. Nelson and the Daylight Killer.

  • As they continue to investigate the watery killing of Adina Howard, Martinez and Harding spent time cruising Homer's Spit and talking to locals. At the Salty Dog Tavern, they find a whole handful of trouble.

  • Harding goes after her man, gets him, and finds out where he's really from. From there, she goes right to the griller to put him on the coals!

  • Harding and Martinez make a small detour off the road to Anchorage to stop in tiny Nikoleavsk and meet some Russian Old Believers.

  • Jess Harding hashes it out with Martinez and returns to Anchorage, where she sits down with two big agents from DC.

  • Harding heads back down to Homer to investigate a grisly scene in Katchemak National Park.She flies by plane and then has to hike out.

  • Harding and Martinez have the reckoning she thinks is necessary. Then the two visit the Two Sisters Cafe to get old war stories from a retired Homer police officer, one Sgt. Jeff Cope.

  • Jess Harding makes a trip to Ye Olde Restaurant to find out more about the Old Believers and the mysterious Vitali Nikolaevsk.

  • Jess Harding finds herself in a very sticky situation as she attempts to take a night off and unwind. Plus a huge block of cheese makes a cameo appearance.

  • Harding gets some administrative orders, sees herself forcibly relocated and then finds a whole new case opening up in her new location.

  • Jess Harding chases her serial killer. The scene shifts to San Francisco.

  • Harding gets her man in San Francisco. And then the two of them go out, trying to catch her man.

  • Our Jess is really looking at things from a different angle back in San Francisco. Using Interpol, finding a friend... listen to hear more.

  • The penultimate episode of our tale.

  • The finale wraps up with Jess Harding on the chase!

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