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Ida, one of the largest Asteroid in the belt between Mars and Jupiter, has finally been colonized. A group of engineers lead by John McVey, Craig Osborn, Gail Trabor, Andrew Dee and Jennifer McGee, occupy the largest space station every built to plan the future of the tiny colony. Sent there by Kennedy Lacombe, the richest man in the world, their only task is to find ways to mine the asteroid as efficiently as possible. John, however, has grandiose plans including riding a comet around the sun to obtain enough water for the colony to one day survive independent from Earth. His ambition quickly shifts when he discovers an accident with the station's birth control pills causes 20 women, including Jennifer, the woman he loves, to become pregnant. The rules on pregnancy are simple; a baby is a drain on resources and must be removed. John, his friends, and a large group of miners will do anything they can to prevent that, including declaring themselves the first independent colony outside of Earth.

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  • The crew who will determine the future of Ida meet for the first time.

  • John, Andrew and Jennifer meet for an informal brain storming session in Andrew's room.

  • Craig's birthday party brings joy to some, heartache to others.

  • Gail comes up with the idea that will change everything while Jennifer and John can longer hide their feelings for each other.

  • John's solution to save his project to catch a comet upset's an unexpected person.

  • Andrew finds a way to sabotage John's relationship with Jennifer

  • With less than a day before John leaves, Jennifer needs to find a way to forgive him for lying to her.

  • Albert and Jennifer watch as John tries to catch his comet.

  • Jennifer's faith in John being alive is put to the test by Andrew.

  • A failure with the birthcontrol pills causes a major shift of power at the station.

  • The seeds of rebelion are planted.

  • Jennifer has the baby while Lacombe and Andrew put the plans in motion to take him, and the other children, off the station.

  • A plan is set in motion to rescue John.

  • A non-violent protest do not prevent Lacombe's troopers from taking the children away.

  • John and Albert attempt to rescue the children.

  • Andrew's day of reckoning arrives. Lacombe puts together his plan to get the station back while John puts together his own response.

  • Joshua starts to show his doubts about the rebellion. Gail finds a worrisome lump in breasts. Robin starts to feel the heat fromLacombe to stop her reports on the Ida and it's people.

  • Andrew receives an offer to go home, but only if he'll help the people who betrayed him. Robin dives into the depths of the news net underworld to get the word of Ida and its people out into the pubic again.

  • In the shuttle, Andrew and Gail start to bond. Roger thinks of a way to use their shuttle as a communication platform to reestablish a link back to Ida Station. John and Albert return home.

  • Tragedy hits the station.

  • John needs to find the strength to continue to be the leader of the station. Meanwhile, the link between Robin and Ida has been re-established.

  • The crew devise a plan to stop the troop transports from entering the station. President Kelly makes Robin an offer. Andrew clears his conscience.

  • Ambush!

  • John confronts his attackers to find out how advanced the coup is. Someone he never thought would contact him again does.

  • John meets Robin in person for the first time. She introduces him to Captain Gate, the man responsible for bringing help and food to the station. Gate, Craig, John and Robin gather to discuss how they want to defend the station. Gate, in an effort to boost morale, suggests a feast before getting the station ready to ward off the invasion.

  • The invasion of the station begins.

  • Craig must deal with his shuttle not having any power while John springs a few traps on the invading troops.

  • Who will make it in time to rescue the kids?

  • Craig and Doctor Hillary take matters into their own hands.

  • John gambles on his final gambit to save the station.

  • Lacombe makes his final decision about the station

  • A bonus episode with the short story I wrote in 91 which inspired Ida. Also, a question and answer show after the short story.

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