By: Lisa R
I was quite taken from your book. I actually googled the info and now have bought a moon acre(paying more then the $1 but will be worth it) which I will give to the love of my life and tell her that "See I do love you to the moon ...
By: TerminusVox
I was pleasantly surprised by I Sold The Moon. My expectations were perhaps for something entertaining but not especially touching or heartfelt but I got all three. McArdle 'pulls back the curtain' on street theater; showing its pains, perils and prophets, er, profits. I found McArdle's lack of sugar-coating when ...
By: Mary Rodgers
Barry! Last time I saw you, you were hiding out in your Columbia Pike apartment with a paper bag over your head after one of your split-ups with Paula. David said you’d been “in there” for days. Wanting to find out how that great love played out kept me glued ...
By: jeff white
I am only halfway through this book, but I am enjoying it immensely. It does what all good memoir does: it approaches its subject with a personal sort of intimacy, but leavens what might easily become an egotistic excercise with some amount of distance. Here, we see the author probing ...
By: PuddyRat
Oh, my! My grandmother gave me a gift of lunar land some 30 or 35 years ago. I wonder if she got it from you! She and I shared a love of the universe and science-fiction, so she no doubt thought gifting me a piece of the moon was fitting. ...
By: Haanif
Wonderful book though. I Loved it!!!
By: Chris
Great story, the narration was entertaining and comical. I like that there was a love story entwined that wrapped everything up into a nice package.
By: erik
Oh my god! :D There was a woman here in ontario who ran this hustle in the mid 90's and made millians of dollars selling moon acres out of the offices of her web design company. Then she left the country in a huge rush and there is probably still ...
By: Evo
Sorry the issue on #9, folks. We've had a little trouble with that "!" in the title making it through to file names. Seems it happened here as well. It's been fixed, and we hope it doesn't make a repeat performance for the remaining episodes. E.
By: Gail
I'm still unable to download episode 9 - Itunes does not recognize it.

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