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ThornDaddy from the "Submission and Coffee" podcast teaches you how to pet her pretties, part her petals, and nail her to the center of the earth with your cock until she squirts stars and secrets onto the majesty of your bed.

HOW TO FUCK A WOMAN'S BRAINS OUT is NOT a guide on how to "Find em' feel em' fuck em' and forget 'em." It's NOT a manual on how to "bag weak women with pickup lines and mind tricks."

HOW TO FUCK A WOMAN'S BRAINS OUT is a stunning BDSM resource and manifesto on finding the perfect willing sex slave (or two), keeping her in your life, and loving the hell out of her - mind, body and soul.

A crucial read for all men, and women, interested in kinky love. Cover art by Amy-Rose.

Self-Help: Sexual Instruction. Health & Fitness: Men's Health

Paperback, eBook and Podiobook all released under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. OK to copy, share, remix and distribute for non-commercial uses, with attribution.

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  • Dollie tells you why her husband, ThornDaddy, is the best fucker in the world, and therefore, that you should listen to him. Then ThornDaddy directly addresses the eager males of the world and tells them why he loves to part ladies' petals and pet their pretties.

  • Here we learn to use the word "slut" and mean it with all the love in the world. We learn that a good many women in the world do not want to be treated to roses and fine wine, but rather, like to be treated like a dirty, slutty, moaning little doll, with a brain, by someone they love.

  • Consent given freely is beautiful, even if (and especially if) it's consent of the "You can do anything you want to me, sir" variety. When a woman gives her control to a man, for an hour or for life, it can be a very majestically beautiful thing, for both the man and the woman.

  • Any man who thinks he's "getting over" on a woman somehow by "getting her" to sleep with him is sorely deluded. Woman don't want to be "played" or manipulated. Learn the secrets of the submissive female mind, and how you, as a dominant male, can complete her, and she you, in bed and out.

  • Throw away the beauty magazines, throw away the corporate ideal of what beauty is. Learn to enjoy women as they are, make them even more beautiful in your bed. Also, calculated porn training to make you more magnificent of a fucker.

  • Advanced techniques on finding the beauty in any woman, and bringing it all out to play with and venerate for possibly the best time either of you have ever had. Also: avoiding the crazy ones, and locating women who will work with you, not against you, in your quest for bliss in "this thing called life."

  • Master the simple secrets that will give you a life that rivals that of a king. Learn how to devote your world to the art of fuck. Become a dedicated sex ninja, a funky monk, living in ascetic purity of nothing but fuck. You will become a better person, one worthy of many women kneeling at your feet waiting for your commands. You will also be taught that you are actually equals with them, even as they prostrate themselves before you. You exist for their pleasure, because they exist for yours.

  • How to find the girl at the party who is the most worthwhile woman in the room, and making her want you. Being excellent in her presence. Being worthy of being fucked and blown on command. Make her not only FEEL pretty, but make her BE pretty. Start building your harem and start living like a king, in your own apartment. And remember: pussy begets pussy.

  • Yes, we have evolved beyond the hunter/gatherer survival needs with our modern society, but we're still wired a certain way. In primitive society the man had to hunt and the woman had to take care of the man in order to survive. And that's hard coded into our DNA. Here you'll learn to be an elegant, educated caveman and use submissive women for your pleasure to please both of you. A lot.

  • We teach you how to know the boundaries of your sex slave, so you can lash her hands and have your way with her, over and over, to make her as happy as you. Learn to put the woman into your bed, dressed in a slip, pumps, lipstick, perfume and stockings, in a flurry of endorphins, slap, love and spunk. We tell you how to kiss, how to eat pussy, how to slap and spank with love, and how to slam your cock into her over and over as hard as you can, to reach that "spot" beyond her in the middle of the bed.

  • Good girls suck cock. Learn to make them love it, and how to teach them how to do it right. (Hint: most women do it wrong!) Fuck your woman as you please, and move her around as you want. The woman is your toy, given by God. You are there to complete her. Use her as a sacred vessel of virtue. Also, we break the sacred society creed and teach you "The Ancient Lesbian Hand Technique."

  • Making a woman hot longer makes your life better. Here we talk frankly about how to suck, fuck, pet and more to keep her in a state of ready semi-arousal while she's just doing your dishes, and in a state of constant near-orgasm and actual orgasm for hours while sexing her. That's what submissive women tend to like and it's how to always keep women around. We also discuss pussy shaving, fluid bonding, vibrator insertion and other rainy day fun activities.

  • Down-and-dirty nuts-and-bolts advanced rainy day fun activities, THINGS I LIKE TO DO WITH WOMEN, THAT WOMEN TEND TO LOVE. A bit of what I do, and how I do it, to inspire you and yours. Try some and see what works for you and your sweet bitch. Then get creative and start using PERVERTIBLES, Flex-O-Pleasers, learn TOY CARE AND STORAGE, and learn why you should mount a Handicapped Toilet Accessibility Bar on your wall TODAY. Find how to get cute engraved kitty collars for your human pets. And master the secret suggestion of equitabilities sexual evenhandedness: TRY IT ON YOURSELF FIRST!

  • Here we tie together all we’ve learned and use it on her while she’s tied up. Massage Fucks, butthole rubs, bolt rubs, nibbling and biting, hair pulling with panty sniffing, vibro-fucks, swing party fantasies, pantyhose ripping, rope play, kitty play/puppy play, collars, role playing, frozen cum pops, and much, much more. If you do half of the things in this part, you will go where few men have gone before. And your slave will thank you, and you will be likely to own her, in a deep, loving and throbbing way that no vanilla man can ever own a woman.

  • DOCTORATE-LEVEL GREAT SEX. Getting her to say, and absolutely internalize, "You can do anything you want to me, Sir." Subspace...that endorphin-rush love-drunk disorientation and bliss. Here I tie all my experience together and teach you how to turn your smart little girlfriend into a cock-lobotomized fuck doll bitch who cannot speak, at least for a little while. We cover 3-somes. The different treatment of alpha subs and beta subs. Why and how pussy begets pussy. Why you should avoid orgies. The joys of coin-flip sex. Making your woman into a "hot wife." The lovely two-girl toe suck. "HANDS AT YOUR SIDES!" Whips and other impact play. Keeping your slave safe and happy.

  • Ahh…the joys of ANAL PLAY. Fisting, felching, two-girl one-guy play, double-fisting, panty play. Proper cleaning before play. The care and loving of your slave. Anal training. Dealing with "Oopses." Fucking the shit out of a woman. Safety. OTK spanking and OTK fingering. Medical Play. Consensual Mind Fucks. Ravishment, Humiliation Play. More on safewords. And a bit on collars, with love.

  • Photographing your sub, sharing photos of her (and/or sharing HER) with friends, Food fucks, fattening up skinny bitches. Punishment and reward. Swing parties. Wife swapping. Oral slave for others. Anal slave for others. Fingerbang slave. Gangbang slave. When to and when NOT to do all this. Women as furniture, women as art. Electrical play. Edge play. Tiger Balm anal play. And exquisite love that lasts a lifetime.

  • ThornDaddy tells you where to find women willing to have such earth-shaking sex that "even the neighbors will have a cigarette." You'll learn how to progress beyond old "one-night stand" thinking and hone your sex skills (and life skills) to live without interruptions in a monastic fuck-fest life of loving the brains out of curvy, pervy pretty smart ladies. You'll learn where to look, (and where NOT to look), online and off. You'll learn how to approach them from the magnitude of your soul to hook them on living and kneeling before your cock, body, brain and more, forever.

  • True communication in a D/s relationship. How to give your slave enough structure that she won't look elsewhere. Finding the right girl, the one you want to stay up late talking with every night for the rest of your life. Knowing that you can be replaced, and how not to be. Helping your slave deal with your polyamory. punishment, reward, passively training your slave, actively training your slave. And a few hardware suggestions. How to not be tied down by your slave. And finally, why marriage rocks, but why wedding rings are a scam.

  • Any relationship, even a near-perfect kinky one, will have some hardship. It's not all kittens and cream. And even when the relationship is perfect, sometimes the plastic world seeps through the cracks and pokes at your perfect "nation of two" (or "nation of three"). Here we teach you to deal with pregnancy and other diseases, mismatched sex drives, mismatched kink orientations, jealousy, non-orgasmic women, impotence. Also, how to say goodbye if it doesn't work out, without getting stabbed in your sleep. But what if she DOES want to stab you in your sleep? ThornDaddy tells you how to deal with stalkers and haters. Blocking her, getting restraining orders, weapons and other ways to protect yourself. Also, a bit on pre-play contracts, so she can't say it went down differently than it did.

  • Sample pre-play contracts. Recognizing and avoiding golddiggers. Dealing with societal, feminist and religious guilt. How and why religion wants to keep you from claiming your God-given right to have lots of righteously spiritual kinky sex. Why THIS BOOK IS THE ONLY TRUE HOLY BOOK, and you can tell that to any religious person who bugs you about sex! Also, a bit on protecting your home, your land and your women from coming wave of remorseless supercriminals during the impending total collapse of the infrastructure of the world.

  • (second-to-the-last episode.) ThornDaddy tells you what made him the way he is today, and where he's headed. Then he explains his motivations: "This book is written to be read by men, and I hope some men have found something useful in it. But I really wrote the book for women, because women are so breathtakingly astonishingly perfect. I wrote this book for men to help the women of the world, to give more men more tools to take better care of their women."

  • (VERY LAST EPISODE.) Dollie reads her part from Appendix 1, "Interviews with Seven Kinky Women About What They Want and Need", where she tells you what makes her clit tick. Also, Dollie reads her short piece on polyamory called "Poly Dolly." AND THAT'S ALL, FOLKS! Thank you for listening, and tell two friends.

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