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What if we had the technology to tap into a person’s central nervous system? What if we could see what they see; hear what they hear? What if we could do this without them having knowledge of our invasion? What if this technology fell into the hands of the wrong people? What kinds of evil things might they pursue with this ability?

Dr. Michael Bowles is putting together a team of talented research scientists. His company, Biotech, is attempting to develop a new technology that will become the ultimate tool in the game of espionage. What Dr. Bowles and his team do not know is the technology they are developing will be used against them. Somewhere along the line things go astray and the nuclear secrets of the United States come into jeopardy.

This first book in the Hijacked series establishes the technology. While it opens up the doors for many future adventures, you can be assured this is a self contained novel with a unique ending. Join me now as we open up the world of...Hijacked!

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  • Red recounts that horrific day last year. He and his best friend Mickey join the navy.

  • Dr. Bowles is shocked to learn seven of his employees were found dead inside the Biotech lab. We are also introduced to a gifted college student named Monica.

  • We meet the rest of our gifted college students. Dr. Edward McCoskey shows his true colors as a womanizing scumbag.

  • Our college students begin receiving job offers. Dr. McCoskey takes his indiscretions to a whole new level.

  • Gabe escapes his navy commitment, Mickey and Red ship out for bootcamp, and we see our first strategy session of the Biotech staff.

  • Biotech attempts to recruit Jillian and we learn a bit more about Dr. Bowles.

  • Biotech hires Jillian and Red attends SEAL team training.

  • Red gets a second chance and the employees of Biotech become a team.

  • The Biotech employees come together to form a team. Red fights terrorists in Afghanistan.

  • Dr. Bowles' annual trip to Yosemite National Park turns out a bit different this year.

  • Biotech regains its focus and Mickey reports aboard his submarine.

  • Strange events begin to take place at Biotech and the tick is put to the test.

  • Ed McCoskey meets his demise. Red engages in an intelligence gathering mission.

  • Ed steps back into Monica's life and Gabe's mother gets kidnapped.

  • Gabe's mother makes contact and Dan makes plans for a rescue operation.

  • Mickey receives a care package from home.

  • The final showdown.

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