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After gaining the rule of Heaven and Hell, with all the power that promised, Kate and Daniel should be set for eternity, right? Well, sure, as soon as they get used to their god-like powers. And then they need to remake the Earth. And there's the matter of the major and minor deities who are not pleased with their ascension. Even now, the afterlife still isn't easy.

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  • Kate and Daniel wrestle with the responsibilities of their new offices, stumbling along the way. They search for wisdom from an unlikely god. Music: Big Rock Candy Mountain by George Hrab.

  • Daniel returns to hell and finds his own personal hell. A new friend and a semi-new threat round out this chapter. Music: I Don't Want To Work Today by Beatnik Turtle.

  • Kate puzzles through her responsibilities and gets a visit from a Valkyrie. She asks a vital question. Music: How Do You Do by George Hrab.

  • Kate and Daniel consider their problems, and decide to tackle the problem of remaking the Earth first. Music: To Fill the Void by Leerone.

  • Daniel takes Kate to visit Izanami. They finally meet an enemy face to face, and learn of a new threat. Music: Litte Pieces by Beatnik Turtle.

  • Kate and Daniel discover their betrayer, Daniel makes a decision. Music: Journey to Earth by The Mad Titans.

  • Kate establishes religion and crafts a plan to save Heaven. She calls in some unexpected help. Music: Earth is the Best by The Phenomenauts

  • Daniel embarks on a vision quest, meeting one unexpected god, and a guide he's not sure he wants. Music: Planet Earth by The Coolaid

  • Kate meets with the enemy and sends the hoboes on their quests. She discovers something about Daniel that troubles her. Music: The Further the Earth Gets From the Sun by The Distants.

  • Daniel descends into his vision quest farther to find what he's looking for. Music: White Sun by 2-RD.

  • Kate moves Heaven to a new location and hosts a dinner party. Music: Elvis C by Matthew Wayne Selznick.

  • Endgame - Kate grows more and more ill as the true threat is revealed. The return of the gods. Music: The Past Presents the Future by Her Space Holiday.

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