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Daniel has been forced from the afterlife to be exiled in the wasteland, with nothing but his misery and Kate's dead body. But he is not without power entirely, and he begins to make his way in this world that looks less like a wasteland and more like another world. But the volatile power of the wasteland still touches this new world, and Daniel and his friends must not forget the trouble facing Heaven and Hell.

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  • Daniel faces his fears and failures.

  • Wasteland, or new world? Our heroes explore and learn about their new home.

  • Daniel meets a rancher and his namesake.

  • The first city of the new world is surprisingly advanced, and religion has gone in directions that surprise Kate and Daniel.

  • Now with transportation, Daniel and Kate make plans for their next stop.

  • Meridian, the city in the air. There are other unexpected things in the air, too.

  • We learn more about Meridian and the city underneath.

  • Daniel visits Lathe, the city of the tinkers, while Kate discovers the secret of the temple in Meridian.

  • Kate discovers where all the gods are in the world, and Daniel finds one himself. A god is kidnapped.

  • Rescue attempt, improbability storm, and we discover what happened to the Earth Mark Two. Plans for the future are made.

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