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Kate and Daniel remain exiled in the new world they created, with the need to build an army to save Heaven. But the allies they need may not be willing participants, as they're trapped gods who blame Kate and Daniel for their imprisonment. As the dark power that traps Heaven begins to seep into Kate and Daniel's new world, they face new enemies and learn about a very old obstacle that blocks them from their goal.

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  • Remember Barris, the sun god? He has a secret, a wonderful secret that he’s not willing to share. And why is the moon now smaller? The complete intro, the whole tragic story up to now, is done by the talented James Melzer, author of The Zombie Chronicles: Escape. Thanks for your support in making this a thrilling series to develop! Music by 2012

  • We meet a being wronged by Kate and bent on revenge, and Kate and Daniel learn a little bit about the mysterious city beneath the waves.

  • Kate and Daniel escape from the improbability storm and learn something surprising about the god Prosper's whereabouts.

  • Kate and Daniel have a not-fun trek through the improbability storm, Kate finds a lost god. Stockholm Syndrome, anyone?

  • Daniel finds himself in a sticky situation, and has to resort to an odd way out.

  • Daniel returns, Barris goes shopping, and Professor Burns makes a decision.

  • Morrigan sets her heart on a goal, and Barris wakes up from a terrible idea hangover

  • We meet Barris' saviors, and one of the saviors meets Morrigan.

  • The gods take a trip to Leviathan City, and Morrigan finds an unlikely ally. Professor Burns has a neat sign for his shop.

  • In which Barris meets a new friend and Kate, Daniel, and crew hit the water and formulate a clever plan that cannot fail.

  • Kate, Daniel and crew enter Leviathan city, find Barris and Ishmael, and prepare to meet the queen.

  • In which the group in Leviathan City deal with a number of surprises.

  • Why was Gamma called back to The Sheridan, anyway?

  • Daniel and Kate meet Morrigan at last, and one other unexpected person.

  • Kate reveals her discovery and the group returns to The Sheridan.

  • In which we discover what happened with Gamma and Prosper beneath the waves.

  • Like Orpheus and Izanagi before him, Daniel heads into the Underworld to fetch a soul.

  • Kate learns what the other gods have decided her fate will be, and whether she will fight Chaos alone.

  • This episode is longer than usual as our heroes and their sort-of allies head into the Dark to see what they can find there.

  • The end of the Heaven Series! Chaos. The battle. What happens after the battle. Special thanks to Dr. Phil Plait, The Bad Astronomer, for advice regarding some of the adventure in this episode.

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