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They built what could not be constructed. A weapon lightyears ahead of its time. A weapon so superior it defied the known laws of physics.

Seven years ago, they were on the verge of unleashing its power. Then... they lost it.

Now they are on a desperate hunt to reclaim what they stole.

Following the trail of unexplainable deaths, they frantically search for what may become their ultimate demise.

But what if the project doesn’t want to be reclaimed?

Join their hunt wading through political power-plays, corporate corruption, domestic terrorism, and the greatest enigma of their time- the infamous assassin known only as: The Magician.

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  • Listen to the world's first audiomanga. What's an audiomanga you say? In this episode we include an explanatory note to get you schooled. Find out who this whole story begins in a clandestine desert base.

  • While two politicians negotiate terms of a stolen document exchange, they are unaware of the danger that lurks just outside their window.

  • After a string of mysterious assassinations, a group of corporate directors discusses their plans to reclaim their stolen property. Dr. Thurman is considered for acquisition by the company. The company's latest project is just about online.

  • Meet Sam, your typical school student finishing a paper that is due, Cammie, her love hungry friend, a silver box, a lake, and a need to rescue another friend.

  • Meet Richard, Academy City 676's resident genius. Meet Danni Dyson, the meathead who is pounding Richard to a pulp. Meet Coda, one of Cammie's most beautiful boys and Adam, the mysterious transfer student.

  • After an eventful morning, Sam encounters a strange presentation from a peculiar group of boys. While discussing Sam's love life, Richard tries to explain his distaste for Adam. That all ends as a breaking news headline forces the school into lockdown.

  • As the lockdown subsides, Sam asks Richard about the famed Magician. Mackie, 676's resident Magician super-fan, reveals the true nature of the lockdown and how the Magician is the bane of the government. As the 5th period swim class begins, Sam realizes that all eyes are on her and she doesn’t know what to make of it.

  • Sam continues her investigation of who the Magician is. With Richard's reluctant help, she learns of the two differing perspectives of this urban myth. As their chemistry class progresses, a sudden danger reveals strange properties of Sam's silver box.

  • Meet Professor Eli Thurman, the world's leading expert on Harmonicum. As the Professor starts the semester of his theoretical physics class, two mysterious men seem to be auditing his class. When the professor finally meets them, their offer might be too good to be true.

  • A mysterious beggar, an incarcerated relic hunter, and the man in black is back.

  • As Sam shops for her graduation dress, Cammie schemes how to put a monkey wrench in Coda's new relationship. Upon seeing Adam, Cammie hatches a plan to get he and Sam closer. Sam puts the brakes on the plan as her little inner voice tells her something is not right.

  • Sam and Cammie spend some quality time over dinner with Adam and his friend. After they leave, a dangerous encouter leaves Sam and Cammie with no exit.

  • The Professor meets Kingston at MESA Labs for his first day on the job. He is introduced to various members of the MESA staff and his new Harmonics lab, complete with a full staff and resources beyond his imagination.

  • As the Professor settles into his first month at MESA, Warrick delivers his update to the board on their efforts to prep the Interface lab. Behind the camera, Big Sister sits and spies.

  • As Sam tries to remember the details of her run in with slavers, she is constantly plagued by the thought of the curious silver box. During lunch, an unexpected assembly sets Richard on edge. As they meet the Academy's new guests, Richard's uneasiness is confirmed.

  • As Richard and Sam try to figure out why MESA Labs is at their school, other unknown groups make preparations to join the party. When events turn south, Sam finds herself desperate to save her friends. Only, she is the one who needs the saving- by a most unexpected hero.

  • Sam and Richard make their attempt at escape, forces converge to kill or capture them. Despite her best efforts, Sam sees that she is helpless to save her friends. In a last ditch effort, Richard sacrifices himself to save Sam.

  • Sam recounts the aftermath of the attack on Academy City 676.

  • This is a sneak peek into the next book in the series- Harmonics:Revelations.

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