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Katherine Downs sets off to find her mysterious father—and awakens hundreds of years later into a world guided by visionary Royals. But Kay inadvertently blinds their power.

Hunted, she joins the rebel Adams, bioengineered warriors who rely on banned technology for a precarious foothold on the fading world. Will they destroy Kay for being only human, or will revelations about her own unnatural origins cause Kay to help them in their ongoing war?

Greeted by a high-tech horde, courted by visionary royalty, and always steps away from her goals, Kay must master her own abilities before humanity is destroyed on Earth and the colonies in space.

Envision a world ready to collapse-- and then watch it tip over the edge.

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  • Awakening after more than a century of hibernation, Kay struggles to survive, a task made all the harder when she is mistaken for a reviled bioengineered Adam.

  • The Adams have the technology that Kay needs, but she must prove her value before she will be accepted. She will be accepted, right?

  • Swept up in politics she doesn't understand, the tests of their war-like culture become intense and bewilderingly personal. . . not to mention telekinetic. No fair!

  • [Kay retreats to Jackal City. Don't judge her too harshly, it just seems prudent against an enemy that can cause involuntary acts like tragic self-immolation or, you know, incontinence.

  • Denim, a Jackal who serves the leader of the visionary Snakes, impatiently awaits the long-anticipated meeting with Kay, but matters quickly escalate and he is left not only empty-handed, but heartbroken.

  • Kay's trial period is drawing to a close. Are Kay's weaknessess going to get her killed, or vice-versa?

  • Devon was tricked into finding Kay, and the the scope of the duplicity involved staggers her. Aggie is driven to hasty violence when a piece of Kay's past resurfaces. This is no sparring match. This is death.

  • I'd save your life if you'd stop shooting at me.

  • Talos is surprised by Kay's reaction to a revelation that is obvious in hindsight. It changes her quest and leaves her marked. Devon and Kay confront Leslie in his lab for their final battle.

  • The start of Volume 2: Onna City! Kay's mission is to return to Onna City and discover how the Royals predictions have become so accurate. But the Royals have been preparing for generations. Don't you hate it when you stumble into a musical about your life?

  • The Royals' ability to predict the future let them take incredible risks with complete confidence, but with Kay their sport essentially goes from the safety of a mall rock-climbing wall to scaling K2. Then Orlando takes it way beyond that.

  • In this episode we meet Orlando's father, Gilbert. The unmasking at a lavish costume ball makes everything clearer.

  • Orlando tests the freedom that having Kay around gives, and enters the city for more hidden mischief. Meanwhile, Diemos leads the Adams to war and Talos cannot stop it. The city of Onna goes from playground to battleground.

  • In mourning and blaming Kay, Orlando sets in motion a plan that is not his own. He delivers a brutal ultimatum. Ward learns that he has been serving the Royals. That alone is not enough to make him question his resolve. However, after learning that Kay is the only help he can expect from the Adams, he reveals how the Royals have given themselves the edge. Will Kay accept Orlando's offer? Or will Kay and Ward unite to fight the Royals undeserved power? And what does the 'undeserved power' think of the whole thing?

  • Rejecting a neatly planned and sanctioned dungeon escape, Kay steals the Royals' secret weapon. Her new escape plan isn't tidy at all.

  • As they flee Royal troops the escapees get to know each other, leading Ward to a revelation. The Royals' troops attack them and not everyone gets away.

  • This is the start of Volume 3. Kay returns to the Adams and sees that they are reaching the edge of desperation. She finally meets the Snakes, but not under the best circumstances!

  • Kay returns to the Adams Stronghold and plots like a Strategist. Penelope, Boyle, and Keats wrestle with issues of their own, revealing deep cracks in Adam society. Kay is painfully reunited with Nudev.

  • Nudev leaves the Stronghold without sharing her prescient knowledge with Kay. Left on her own, Kay seeks new ways to change the Strategists’ plans but more experienced plotters trick Kay into breaking a taboo.

  • Kay returns to the Adam Stronghold with the Snakes and demands a place. The Royals and Adams engage in open warfare around the Stronghold. Kay must question the motives of her friends.

  • Finished with battle, the returning bioengineered Adams discover that a death blow has been dealt to their kind. Nudev argues with His Majesty Orlando over sinister plans.

  • Nudev forms an alliance. Kay ends the Strategist's battle by revealing the Adams's dire situation and a challenge from Orlando is gladly accepted. This is the end of Section 3.

  • The start of the final section. Kay delivers herself into the hands of the Royals. Nudev's stunning ultimate plan is revealed. Kay stops wishing, and starts taking action. Embrace the final inevitable war!

  • The Adams invade the palace. Keats races to find his brother. Kay takes a team to secure the tunnel to the spaceport.

  • Ward confronts Nudev as she holds one lifeline. Meanwhile, the Adams hang suspended on another, and defending it takes every bit of strength they have.

  • In the final episode of Fractured Horizon the Adams and Royals see their fates come to pass as they always must. The world reassumes the form it would have had if the Royals had not distorted events. But Dante takes his vengence and Denim decides the course of the Snakes. Includes a brief epilogue.

The Podioracket Presents-Glimpses anthology is complete on Podiobooks.com. My short story appears as the 12th and final story. I hope you give it a listen if you liked Fractured Horizon. "H.E. Roulo"s short story, "Future in Hand" is a follow-up to her Podiobooks.com novel Fractured Horizon. The future isn't ready ...
Here's a quick update for new and old Fractured Horizon listeners. I appreciate the fantastic number of downloads this book continues to get. If you're curious to see more of my writing then check out "Undergrowth", a sci-fi/horror short story favorite of mine I've just put out on Amazon Kindle. ...
Loved this podnovel so much, I had dreams of being an Adam! I don’t know why, but I find those Adam guys so sexy. Boyle, Penelope, they have to be my favs. Orlando was so cute as his innocent exuberance carried Kay into the Royal world. What an awesome tale ...
Voice casting for the sci-fi/horror audio drama I wrote for Necropolis Studio Productions is open until December 13th. Consider auditioning! http://www.audiodramatalk.com/f83-necropolis-studio-productions/omega-road-chronicles-casting-call-4914.html And a final note, I did win the WWW Contest for 2009. Thank you if you voted for my horror short story. I will be doing another story in ...
The HorrorAddicts.net WWW Contest is currently under way. My audio horror short story Graveyard Shift (and Re-shift) is in the running. One lucky voter will win a prize box. See the article at <a href="http://www.podioracket.com/main/2009/10/13/www-horror-short-stories-voting-open/" rel="nofollow">Podioracket.com</a> for links to the stories and information on how to vote. The contest ends ...
Glad to hear there's more to come, and happy for you to quote me. Looking forward to the next adventure :)
Hal, Thank you for letting me know how the book made you feel. I'll try to get the text done as soon as I can, and I'll keep thinking about how to make the story clearer from the beginning. Hypotenuse, Can I quote you? Love that your sympathies changed! I ...
Just finished listening to the last episode. Have to say that i've listened to a few audiobooks before, but this is the first one that has pulled me in the way this one did. I loved the expansive nature of the story and the idea of so much space and ...
I'm so confused. I didn't want to shut the player off just now, because I can sense how amazing the story must be. But so far the book is like a moving train that I can never quite run fast enough to hop on. I end up tossing 75% of ...
Utilac, The book settles onto one timeline and I stop introducing characters in just another couple episodes. I hope you continue listening and please let me know what you think. I appreciate comments like this, since it helps me see how I can make my writing clearer. While I do ...

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