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Four smart kids. One busy town.

Bowie Brown plays guitar - and uses it as an assault weapon. Mimi Bucher lives in a secret bedroom in a shopping mall. Jaz McGuire is determined to never grow up and to never hear mention of ess ee ex. Hoot Howard collects waterfalls - until somebody steals them.

Hoot has a mother with lime-green hair. Bowie has a father who sings to a ghost. Jaz has a mother who is too Chinese. Mimi has nobody at all.

A couple of neighbors nicknamed Curly and Moe just might be starting a multi-billion dollar software company in a garage - if only they can cash their first check.

It’s the beginning of another year of school in Menlo Park, California in the year 1998, a time of change, the end of a millennium.

I try to be funny. I try to be humane. Mixing story and original music I try to present likable people who grow as you listen.

Besides myself, the voices are Susan Walker, Caroline Graham, Michael Minard, and Patrick Bradley. The music is by Will Fourt.

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  • It's September, 1998. Menlo Park just south of the Golden Gate. Talkin' on pay phones, internet's gonna be great.

  • Don't you cry now, Daddy had to die some day. Find you a waterfall, put it in your Chevrolet.

  • Got a secret bedroom, living in the Stanford Mall. Everybody wants her, nobody knows her at all.

  • She'll never grow up, her mama is too Chinese. Call me fickle but save the last pickle, please.

  • Take a hard steel bar, need a shovel too. Breakin' that ground, you're a one-man crew.

  • Sweet Susan, Susan Sweet, with a voice like a golden field of wheat...

  • Four dog riot, put me on a diet. Try to be funny but shopping costs money.

  • Run, run, across the track. Sky is yellow, earth is black. Cold wind, hard steel. Got to find where life is real.

  • Four dog riot, better stay quiet. Stealin' a rifle ain't no trifle.

  • Bowie the giant, so defiant, when are you gonna come home?

  • Everybody wants her, nobody knows her at all. Drop dead beauty, gonna be her downfall.

  • Jimmy, old Jimmy, bloodstains in your wood. Jimmy, old Jimmy, still you sound so good.

  • Cross that footbridge, danger on the other side. Too big, too fast, let your brain be your guide.

Wow, these are nice comments. Thank you Josh, and Isis, and Jane, and Jen. I'm just catching up... And Jane Kathleen, that's a cool idea about an Epilogue. I might try it.
I *just finished listenig to this book and loved every last thing about it! I'm not sure what took me so long, this has to be my favourite book by Joe Cottonwood.
Just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed this YA book. although my preferences tend to be geared more towards sci fi and horror, this simple story was very gripping and endearing and i wish it could have gone on longer. it would have been nice to have an Afterward or ...
Joe you are officially my favorite author on Podiobooks! I love this story and hope you produce it commercially. I work around Middle School kids and wow your story would be something they would identify with. You have this fantastic ability to really know how a kid that age would ...
Great book. I appreciate your gentle touch with the stories you tell. You have a way of taking seemingly mundane topics and breathing exciting life into them. The voice acting is really superb as well- something that is so important to a great audio book (or podiobook!) and the music ...
Episode 13 - and all other episodes - are now available worldwide. The downloading problem has been fixed.
Hey folks - if you're on the Europe/Africa side of the Atlantic, there's a problem downloading Episode 13. I'll post a notice here when it's fixed. In the USA, there's no problem...
Anytime. That is one of the things I like about you as an author. You are touching on the innocent quaities of your characters no matter their age or background. It makes it compelling.
And it's such a pleasure to be back! Barry, I just quoted your little review in my blog. Hope that's okay.
Yay!! Susan and Joe are back!

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