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Four smart kids. One busy town.

Bowie Brown plays guitar - and uses it as an assault weapon. Mimi Bucher lives in a secret bedroom in a shopping mall. Jaz McGuire is determined to never grow up and to never hear mention of ess ee ex. Hoot Howard collects waterfalls - until somebody steals them.

Hoot has a mother with lime-green hair. Bowie has a father who sings to a ghost. Jaz has a mother who is too Chinese. Mimi has nobody at all.

A couple of neighbors nicknamed Curly and Moe just might be starting a multi-billion dollar software company in a garage - if only they can cash their first check.

It’s the beginning of another year of school in Menlo Park, California in the year 1998, a time of change, the end of a millennium.

I try to be funny. I try to be humane. Mixing story and original music I try to present likable people who grow as you listen.

Besides myself, the voices are Susan Walker, Caroline Graham, Michael Minard, and Patrick Bradley. The music is by Will Fourt.

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  • It's September, 1998. Menlo Park just south of the Golden Gate. Talkin' on pay phones, internet's gonna be great.

  • Don't you cry now, Daddy had to die some day. Find you a waterfall, put it in your Chevrolet.

  • Got a secret bedroom, living in the Stanford Mall. Everybody wants her, nobody knows her at all.

  • She'll never grow up, her mama is too Chinese. Call me fickle but save the last pickle, please.

  • Take a hard steel bar, need a shovel too. Breakin' that ground, you're a one-man crew.

  • Sweet Susan, Susan Sweet, with a voice like a golden field of wheat...

  • Four dog riot, put me on a diet. Try to be funny but shopping costs money.

  • Run, run, across the track. Sky is yellow, earth is black. Cold wind, hard steel. Got to find where life is real.

  • Four dog riot, better stay quiet. Stealin' a rifle ain't no trifle.

  • Bowie the giant, so defiant, when are you gonna come home?

  • Everybody wants her, nobody knows her at all. Drop dead beauty, gonna be her downfall.

  • Jimmy, old Jimmy, bloodstains in your wood. Jimmy, old Jimmy, still you sound so good.

  • Cross that footbridge, danger on the other side. Too big, too fast, let your brain be your guide.

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