By: Alex
Fantastic beginning! At least 9 out of 10, can't wait for the continuation of the story!
By: Matchstickman
This is not a good book. It might contain the beginnings of a good story but this is not good to listen to as a standalone book. Most books that are part of a series make sure that each book has a story of its own (with it's own beginning, ...
By: Lucie Le Blanc
Thanks AndyW. ;) I wrote my comment just after finishing listening and I was: what?? Since this book is called Part 1, I figured there would be more. But it ended in such a way I was not even sure part 1 was done. I will certainly listen to Proxy ...
By: AndyW
Heyo Lucie. It seems that Firmware is planned as a 5 Book Series. 3 are finished so far. The second book is Firmware Proxy and the third is Firmware Keylogger. You can get them at in the audio part of the website (first go to Blog Roll then on ...
By: Lucie Le Blanc
Really good story and great performance by the narrator. Good audio quality too, even if they went a bit too far with the noise reduction and forgot to delete repeated lines. Two bad notes though: is this how the book ends? Is there another book coming? If yes, we're left ...
By: AndyW
Really good stuff. Solid ,entertaining and at points quite dark Cyberpunk-Story. Good audioquality and very well read. A good all around package Mit freundlichen Grüßen AndyW
By: The Print Craftsman
I enjoyed listening to this book. It gets a little crazy in places but then what sci fi doesn't? I give it a 7 on a scale of 1-10. I look forward to part 2. Randy

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