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Encala, Book 3 in the Heku Series, finds Emily and Chevalier settled into the palace and life as one of the ruling heads of the Equites begins. The Equites elect Damon onto the Equites Council and he immediately finds himself at odds with Emily. Her independence and head-strong personality harshly conflict with his strict nature as one of the ‘old ones’.

As the Council City Cavalry struggles to keep tabs on Emily, the Encala begin their mission to gain her confidence and then jump to drastic measures to pull her into the Encala Faction.

The V.E.S. emerges, and come to believe that Emily and Allen are being controlled by the vampires. They quickly intertwine themselves closely with the city outside of Council City, the home of the Equites.

Emily and Allen head to New Mexico to attend the wedding of Emily’s cousin, and find themselves in the company of a strange heku. This heku befriends Emily, and comes to her defense when Chevalier finds out, and the Equites Council threatens to turn against her.

Emily’s abilities strengthen, and her immense value as a weapon becomes evident to all three factions and the relationships become more tense and volatile.

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  • Emily is thrilled to find herself without a guard, so she takes Allen out on Patra to explore the green hills outside of Council City.  While there, she encounters a mortal from her past.   Damon, the new Chief Enforcer for the Equites, asks for a demonstration of the Winchester abilities.

  • Emily begins training a new round of recruits, some of which don't like her.  The Valle and Encala Elders approach the Equites about their demands in having a Winchester.

  • Emily returns to training and finds a new way to help build them into one solid team.  Kyle and Chevalier try to find out what to do with Emily during a mortal turning ceremony.

  • Kyle takes Emily and Allen out on the yacht for a week, but an accident sends them to a deserted island.

  • Life on the island turns bad, but Chevalier finally finds them, only to discover a mystery.

  • Chevalier rescues the stranded Equites and finds out what Kyle did to Emily.

  • The trial ends and Emily faces a tough decision when Chevalier loses his temper with her.

  • The Equite struggle to find out what happened to them, while Emily and Sam hide out in Breckenridge.

  • Kyle finally talks Emily into leaving the house and going on a road-trip to Denver, but the trip takes a nasty turn.

  • Emily fights off a group of Encala and is whisked away to the palace against her will.

  • While Chevalier tries to get Emily to stay, her headaches grow worse, and the palace prepares to protect her from the Ancient.

  • Chevalier finally convinces Emily to give him two weeks to show how things have changed in the palace, but the headaches get worse.

  • Controlling the Equites' doctor, the Ancient injures Emily badly, driving the Equites harder to get him.

  • The source of the headaches is revealed and new information about Emily shocks the Equites.

  • When the Ancient oversteps, Emily sets out alone to take on the Encala.

  • Emily demonstrates the ultimate power of her abilities when she strikes back at the Encala.

  • The Valle confront the Equites Council about concerns with Emily's attack on the Encala. 

  • Emily finally learns the meaning of the runes, much to her horror.  She wins a bet with Frank and gets to go out and have some fun.

  • Chevalier bails Emily and the guards out of jail, but Emily protests their punishment.  Vaughn comes to the Equites to claim Emily.

  • Emily accidentally stumbles into an old Ancient's game, the Mortal Trap.

  • The heku try to find Emily a way out of the mortal trap, as she's faced with her greatest fears.

  • Emily can't decide if what she sees is real or part of the Mortal Trap.

  • Emily finally begins to realize that she's out of the Mortal Trap, even though Vaughn tries to convince her otherwise.  She decides it's time to take a much-needed vacation.

  • Emily enjoys her time in New Mexico and her time back in the world of the mortal.  She discovers that no matter how hard she tries, she can't get away from heku though.

  • Emily befriends the strange heku, Exavior, who also becomes her protector.

  • Chevalier finds out about Emily spending time with Exavior in New Mexico.

  • Emily's bad luck strikes again, and she seeks Exavior's opinion.  Chevalier tries to win Emily back.

  • News of Leonid's retirement terrifies Emily and she does everything in her power to stop her beloved friend from being put into the ground for 500 years.

  • In this final episode, the new Elder is sworn in and Emily accidentally runs into a large guard party outside of Council City.

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