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Before she met Nicholas, all Emily cared about was shopping, and she believed her teachers when they told her the vampires had made the world a better place. After falling in love at first sight, Emily's mind was opened to the harsh realities brought about by the worldwide alliances between vampires and humanity at every level of society. Nicholas was leading the charge in the fight against injustice, cruelty, slavery, and tyranny by the elder vampires, and Emily found herself suddenly caught up in a movement that stood for the rights of both humanity and a new generation of vampires who'd been tricked into giving up their natural rights.

Doing everything she can for the cause comes second only to following her heart as Emily tries to win the affections of a young man whose first priority is saving the world. She follows Nicholas back and forth across the country, into the heart of the nation's vampire-run Capitol, and beyond. She risks her health, sticks out her neck, sacrifices friendship, and puts her life on the line in the name of love. Will her efforts be enough? Will she win Nicholas' heart? Can they save the world? Or will the schemes of the elder vampires put a stop to it all?

Emily is one of two books in the duology Never Let the Right One Go, which shows two apparently conflicting views of the same supernatural world by looking through the eyes of two very different teenage girls in their pursuit of love. Don't miss Sophia, the other half of the picture, and a completely contrary take on everything you think you know.

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  • In which Emily's day of casual shopping is interrupted by her first glimpse of Nicholas, and her eyes are opened to the invisible layers of oppression and slavery built up around her, while her heart is opened wide, to let Nicholas in.

  • In which Emily, Nicholas, and Ken are brutally attacked by a vampire.

  • In which Emily attends Nicholas' meeting, hoping to spend more time with him, and ends up meeting Terrence, someone whose life has been ravaged by his addiction to vampire blood, and she learns the dangers of using vampire blood as a quick-fix for every human injury.

  • In which Emily gets to know a real vampire, Justin, for the first time, learning what life is like for the new generation of young vampires, turned after vampire and human cultures had been integrated.

  • In which Emily learns about how vampires have secretly been manipulating human society for centuries, and how even moderately old vampires have been disenfranchised by the open alliance of vampires and humans.

  • In which Emily hears how vampires have been taking chief executive positions at most large corporations, making it impossible for humans to compete fairly for corporate leadership roles.

  • In which Emily sees that even the working-class have been displaced by vampires, taking over work like building construction because their superior strength and speed allows them to create more with less time, effort, and cost.

  • In which Nicholas finally gives his presentation, charismatically exhorting his audience to opt-out of vampire-assisted healthcare and the "blood tax".

  • In which Emily accompanies Nicholas through an entire day of drawing blood from humans at one of the government-run blood centers, then feeding blood to a recovering vampire organ donor at the hospital.

  • In which Emily convinces her parents to give her control over her own healthcare choices, so she can opt-out, and receives a gift from Nicholas.

  • In which Emily goes on a road trip with Nicholas and his group, heading to Washington, D.C. for a protest rally at the White House.

  • In which Emily participates in a protest march around the vampire-run capitol.

  • In which several speakers at the rally in D.C. explain the global, military, economic, and political problems and rights-infringements instituted by the vampire interventions in human societies.

  • In which Nicholas and Emily head home from the rally and their conversation takes an odd turn - wherein Nicholas talks Emily into being turned into a vampire.

  • In which the new school year begins, and Emily finds a more suitable subject for the application of Nicholas' ideas about standing up for vampires' inherent right to reproduce.

  • In which Madison joins Emily at Nicholas' meeting, Justin agrees to turn her, and they go through the whole thing that night, on camera and before a live audience.

  • In which Emily tries to see Madison the night after she'd been turned, then finds out Justin has already been arrested and meets Nicholas at the Police Station where Justin is being held.

  • In which Nicholas finally invites Emily out for coffee -their first date- and discusses the new direction he'd like to focus his efforts for making a real difference in the struggle against the system.

  • In which Emily avoids calling Austin as long as possible, but ends up asking him out in order to avoid disappointing Nicholas.

  • In which Austin and Emily go to the movies, and Emily invites him to Nicholas' meeting the next week.

  • In which Emily strings Austin along enough to get him to show up to Nicholas' meeting, where he doesn't quite fit in until Nicholas convinces him to buy in completely.

  • In which Austin is weaned from the blood stipend and begins practicing the hunt, to try to open his mind to the true experience of being a vampire.

  • In which Nicholas, Emily, Ken, and Benjamin attempt to deliver Austin into the care of an older vampire to mentor him but, before reaching their destination, Austin's hunger drives him over the edge and he begins attacking, eating and mutilating them one by one.

  • In which emergency responders try to help the survivors as much as they can, hindered by their opt-out status.

  • In which Nicholas' group has trouble moving forward without him, and Emily likewise finds her life both interrupted and irrevocably altered by his passing - then she seems to discover a conspiracy working to dissolve the movement Nicholas had put into motion.

  • In which Emily remains dedicated to the cause until the bitter end.

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