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1999 - Aston Somerfield, casual smoker and part-time alcoholic, has come to London to find himself. He knows who he's looking for, he's seen him on the cover of the NME. Drawn across oceans by fame and fate, Aston is keeping his diary empty to make sure he's available. Won't commit to anything until it's everything.

London, however, has other ideas.

When a virtual stranger calls Aston a few hours before his death, fate catches up with him, derailing his barely-made plans. Amid a hundred boozy evenings and romantic deadends, a mystery unfurls.

Equally assisted and hindered by tremulous accountant Tom Hensley and dedicated loafer Steven Black, Aston uncovers a different London, one of murder, ghosts, dangerous emails and the second big bang.

As chaotic and random as the city it inhabits, Electricity gradually evolves into a mystery bigger than the universe itself. Being of a somewhat useless persuasion, Aston does his best to ignore it.

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  • Aston Somerfield is a professional, but this says nothing of his questionable work ethic. Rather, Aston is determined to keep things uncomplicated. No-one and nothing will touch him, not even the sudden death of a friend he barely knew. At least, that's the official story. Whether he likes it or not, fate is coming for Aston and it's about to lead him to places he never expected to go. As chaotic and random as the city it inhabits, Electricity is about to drag Aston from Australia to Seville to his Battersea Bedsit. Ultimately, he will find himself entwined in a mystery bigger than the universe itself. Being of a somewhat useless persuasion, Aston will do his very best to ignore it.

  • Tom Hensley, Aston's financially-minded flatmate, has a new job. He's been there two weeks and hopes soon to find out what it is. With a bit of luck, he'll work it out before the phonecalls threatening concrete boots start yielding deadly results. As usual, Aston is no help at all.

  • Summer arrives in London and Aston is feeling romantic, almost. A chance drunken encounter leads him into a world he quickly realises isn't for him. But is there some electricity between him and Lauren - perhaps something neither of them could imagine?

  • Travelling with another is never easy. Take Steven Black, the most irritating man Aston has ever met. Rather surprisingly, he's also become his best friend. From Perth to London to Amsterdam, the two entirely fail to hit it off, ultimately approaching violence over Backgammon. Despite this, they might just be of some use to each other.

  • Aston and Steven are hopeless cases, only helping each other to oblivion on the couch, more lost in London than either cares to admit. This is the story of their slothful friendship, a box from a ghost and a fatal computer program.

  • Aston follows Steven to Brighton for a gig, some heavy drinking and a surprise reacquaintance. Shortly afterwards his heart is broken. Possibly.

  • Aston falls in love, quite accidentally, while an old friend visits and has an utterly miserable time.

  • A funeral, a bedding and a long walk home in the rain. Tom falls in love but is too drunk to remember who with. With everyone too busy moping to notice, the world starts counting down to oblivion.

  • Christmas arrives and Steven gives the gift of love. Everyone in the flat is boozed to the eyeballs or high as a particularly reckless kite, but that won't stop Charlotte leading an expedition to Brighton in case the world is ending.

  • In Brighton with little more than a hired car and a hangover, Aston has some hard questions to answer. For one thing, there's the matter of the dead man wanting to chat about things he can't believe, let alone understand. For another, there's the impending destruction of the solar system. All hell breaks loose in this, the final chapter of 'Electricity', a Podcasted Novel by Myke Bartlett.

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