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Cover for 'Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom'

Jules is a young man, barely a century old. He's lived long enough to see the cure for death and the end of scarcity, to learn ten languages and compose three symphonies...and to realize his boyhood dream of taking up residence in Disney World.

Disney World! The greatest achievement of the long-ago twentieth century. Now in the keeping of a network of "ad-hocs" who keep the classic attractions running as they always have, enhanced with only the smallest high-tech touches.

Now, though, the "ad-hocs" are under attack. A new group has taken over the Hall of the Presidents, and is replacing its venerable audioanimatronics with new, immersive direct-to-brain interfaces that give guests the illusion of being Washington, Lincoln, and all the others. For Jules, this is an attack on the artistic purity of Disney World itself.

Worse: it appears this new group has had Jules killed. This upsets him. (It's only his fourth death and revival, after all.) Now it's war...

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  • We meet Jules, his pal Dan, and his girlfriend Lil and learn a little about ad-hocracy. Oh yeah, and Jules gets murdered.

  • Jules is refreshed and relives the crime. Debra and her minions take over the Hall of Presidents. Jules gets a demo of their spectacular upgrade.

  • Jules gets suspicious, and launches a sneak attack on the Hall. It doesn't go well.

  • Jules gets a brilliant idea for rehabbing the Haunted Mansion to compete with Debra. He's not well, and makes a shocking discovery.

  • We learn about Zoya, Jules' ex. Jules sees a doctor. It doesn't go well.

  • Jules' rehab of the mansion isn't going well. He does something stupid.

  • ules runs out of Whuffie. Debra takes over the Mansion. Dan and Jules fight back. The beginnings of the Bitchun Society and the ad-hocracy.

  • Lil's parents come back from the dead, and that isn't a good thing. Jules hits bottom. It's time for him to start over, fresh.

Amazing that Cory wrote this as long ago as '03 - it really projects trends at that time ahead very well. I just finished reading an article that stated that Khloe Kardashian can today be paid $8,235 for an endorsement Tweet and Lindsay Lohan can only charge $2,353. Talk about ...
I loved this book. It was so creative. I hadn't read or heard of it before. I thought the premises alone were already extremely entertaining. But then the plot and character development were also very interesting and somewhat compelling. Not to mention that in an understated kind of way the ...
Like everyone else i'm a big fan of Cory and apreciate the podiocast... but oh gawwwd, the whiny voice of the protaganist! give me a gun, i'll shoot him myself, and his backups! The heat death of the universe cant come soon enough!
By the time I was half way through listening to this novel I reallised I was never really going to come to grips with all aspects of the strange world in which it resides, so I gave up and instead concetrated on the main essence of the story and the ...

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