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The first-ever adult title on Podiobooks.com.

"Diary of an S and M Romance" is the true story of a young widow reclaiming her life in a red-hot world of kinky sex. She's a feminist doing things that many feminists would consider beastly, and loving every second of it. In "Diary of an S and M Romance", Dollie Llama explores the complex connections between romantic sweetness and furious, nasty sex.

Part introspective journey of discovery, part tender love story.
Part manifesto of empowerment, part dirty dirty book.

"A refreshingly different book about an S and M relationship. The title 'romance' has been rightly chosen. Who should read "Diary of an S and M Romance"? All who have an interest in S and M.
-- Marquis Magazine

"The book has a feeling of real intimacy. This very contemporary romance taps into the universality of all relationships."
-- Skin Two Magazine

"Diary of an S and M Romance": NOT your mother's memoir

Dollie Llama and ThornDaddy are an ecstatically married couple living in Southern California. They do a free weekly BDSM PodCast called Submission and Coffee.

And check out their second serialized free audiobook, The Plump Buffet.

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  • Meet Dollie Llama, a smart, sweet modern woman who loves to serve her man, in every way that pleases Him. Learn how she met her Daddy, the Dominant of her dreams.

  • Flirting and seduction, kink style. Daddy and Dollie compare notes, exchange theories, swap dirty pictures, and discover they might be a match.

  • Daddy throws Dollie into His bed, and she never wants to leave. Daddy discovers the "magic words."

  • Love letters and the philosophy of kink. Dollie's theory of feminism and the role of women. BDSM in the Bible. Daddy chats with another submissive about women and sex.

  • Is it environment or breeding that makes us what we are? Dollie and ThornDaddy mull that one over. Dollie then reveals some of her inner fears. Daddy extols the joys and virtues of plump girls, and tells Dollie about the gals who will be joining them for playtime.

  • Frozen treats. Dollies talks about how the whore jammies transform her into all the women she wants to be for Daddy. Fun and filth with office role-playing. Daddy calls Dollie names, and she loves it. Daddy's mission statement on slave girls....The search is on.

  • Enemas are warm and nice. Dollie takes Daddy to a dungeon, and Daddy takes Dollie to subspace. Was that "spiritual sexuality" or "sexual spirituality"? Honesty, herpes, and the girl who said, "No".

  • Daddy challenges Dollie. Slut makeovers, dice games and Daddy's dick is fine. Beating your slave as therapy and prayer. Dollie proves she's no blow up dolly. Would you like some sex with that kink? A-mew.

  • On being Daddy's li'l whore. Your Squick is not My Squick. The Majesty of The Nest. Dollie whines about getting lost among the plump vibrators and is firmly corrected....and redeemed and made whole. Sing me a song of sperm - sacrament and salvation.

  • Dollie waxes poetic on her need for Daddy. Playgurls and other correspondents: ThornDaddy's thoughts on D/s, what he wants from His slave and rainy day girls, keeping relationships healthy, and mentoring a newbie. How ThornDaddy morphed from sexy switch into dashing Dominant. Daddy begins transforming Dollie into an artist.

  • Collars - they're not just for pets any more. Some girls yearn for a diamond ring, but Dollie aches for the ring around her neck. ThornDaddy and Dollie celebrate the collaring by bringing in help. ThornDaddy meets a testy serval, and becomes a wild cat Himself. ThornDaddy ruminates about the cave woman in every woman. Daddy recalls how He tried to find play gurls with a computer before the Web. Dollie talks about overcoming fears and hard limits, accepting discipline and her growth as a submissive.

  • The battle in the innermost chamber (Dollie's psyche). ThornDaddy and Dollie get in their first big fight. It's a doozie. Will their relationship survive?

  • Daddy's formula for eternal happiness. On successful switching. Mentoring and correcting a play gurl ("Quit grabbing the camera!"). Why we are endorphin junkies. What would your mother think of all this? Living life on life's terms. And the fairy tale CAN come true.

  • Dollie states her case and ties up a few loose ends. BDSM isn't for everybody. Dollie's near-disaster with a hot dog. We do this because we're just wired this way! Pink cars. Something to do and someone to love. Helpmeet and help meat. Shut the windows....

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