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DarkAge is a mature, fantasy fiction, podcast novel where Sword and Sorcery meets Medieval Fantasy.

A group of friends playing a fantasy role-playing game, DarkAge, become trapped inside the game as their characters. Many of their past gaming decisions will come back to haunt them. They must battle wizards, demons, knights, giants, and the undead but find their most deadly foe is each other. Will our heroes find their way back home? Will they want to go back home?

Come hangout at The Busted Skull Tavern, where the ale is cold and the wenches are hot.

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  • A group of friends settle down to play DarkAge, a fantasy role-playing game.

  • William introduces the players and their characters when the beer runs out.

  • The players wake up to find themselves trapped inside DarkAge the fantasy role-playing game.

  • Kevin wakes up to find himself at The Busted Skull Tavern as his DarkAge gladiator character.

  • Kevin waits at The Busted Skull Tavern for all his friends to show up.

  • John and Rich search for their missing friend, Jeremy. Vaughn and James travel to the castle to babysit Henry as he pretends to be the King of Mirinea.

  • Henry is at the castle with his harem. Vaughn and James are in the castle's dungeon when the slop bucket incident occurs.

  • Kevin, Lourdes and Malcom try to save Tony who is locked up in the Arena's animal pens. John and Rich go to Henry's castle.

  • The group is reunited at Henry's castle when catastrophe strikes. John takes off to find Hades.

  • Henry makes a fool of himself in court. Kevin spars with Vaughn and James to learn to fight. When Henry joins in, the sparring nearly turns deadly.

  • Werlosig realizes that Henry is impersonating the King of Mirinea. Henry orders his spy organization to get rid of some troublesome knights, who are threatening to overthrow him.

  • Kevin leaves the castle, with Vaughn, to return to The Busted Skull Tavern. Sir Drearin appears and is pissed that Kevin missed their duel.

  • Kevin battles Sir Drearin at The Busted Skull Tavern. Vaughn intervenes to try and help his friend.

  • Kevin confronts Sir Drearin at the dinner feast. Henry takes Vaughn to get a new weapon. Tony wakes up.

  • Kevin calls a meeting for all his friends. They decide who they are going to be in DarkAge - themselves or their characters.

  • Kev plays some medievel football with his friends. Later they go visit a bar at King Kronerth's castle to have a few drinks and talk.

  • Lourdes and Malcom discover shopping in DarkAge. The couple gets into trouble with the local Thieves Guild. John becomes Hades and gets a job from King Kronerth.

  • It's the day of the duel between Kev and Sir Drearin. One of them will die.

  • Kev and King Kronerth have a confrontation over Sir Drearin's murder. Vaughn and Sake try to cheer Kev up. Kronerth is challenged to a duel by Sir Vonjearle for the Crown of Mirinea.

  • Lourdes and Malcom are freed by the Thieves Guild. The couple decides what they are going to do in DarkAge. Kev and the boys leave Mirinea to go on vacation up in the mountains but the trip gets bogged down by rain and medieval technology.

  • King Kronerth hires Hades to disable Sir Vonjearle. Sir Vonjearle had challenged King Kronerth to battle for the Throne of Mirinea. Not all of our heroes are going to survive this episode.

  • King Kronerth orders the Mirinean Army to burn out the Assassins Guild tower. He gets much more than he bargained for.

  • Kev returns to The Busted Skull Tavern and learns of the trouble between King Kronerth and Hades. James hunts Hades. Hades speaks with Kev.

  • Kev and his friends go to the castle to help King Kronerth who is being controlled by Werlosig and Etah.

  • Kev and his friends have escaped through a portal that Jer opened but now can't figure out how to close the portal. Where are they?

  • Kev and his friends try to hold back the tide of Mirinean soldiers that are trying to kill them as they escape an undergound lab complex. Once outside, they find something even more terrifying.

  • Kev and his friends struggle to find a way off Nadrint Island. The Mirinean Army invades the island and battles the man-eating giants.

  • Mirinean soldiers invade Nadrint Island and battle the giants that live there. Kev and his friends struggle to escape.

  • Jer brings his friends to the Magical Academy where they can relax and heal. Hades attacks Etah and Werlosig in King Kronerth's castle.

  • Kev and his friends are attacked in Jer's lab by Mirinean soldiers. James battles Etah for the right to kill Hades as he hangs helpless in King Kronerth's dungeon.

  • Kev and his friends are in the basement of King Kronerth's castle. They are trying to contact Kronerth and warn him that he is being influenced by Werlosig and Etah, when demons attack.

  • Kev and his friends struggle to reach the portal to Hell and shut it off as a swarm of horrors flow into King Kronerth's castle.

  • The battle to close the portal to Hell continues. King Kronerth arrives and has a bone to pick with his friends.

  • The final battle of DarkAge is on. Who will win and who will die?

  • This is the final episode of the podcast novel DarkAge.

  • I talk a little about DarkAge. Bonus DarkAge stuff and some bloopers are included in this Q and A episode. Please leave a good review for DarkAge on iTunes and Podiobooks.

The characters sound automatically OP from the intro. Also, introducing characters in a story by going around a room and describing them is pretty weak. I quit listening at the mispronunciation of Hades. I tried not to judge the book by its cover, but i couldn't get past chapter one. ...
I am close to a third of the way through this story and I just can't listen to it any longer. I am a role player and it sounds like you are trying to write a story about something you know nothing about. Have you, or do you role play? ...
Well personally I enjoyed this book, I must admit it was an effort to follow at the beginning of the story and it took some resolve to persevere with the different characters and voices (especially James) - But please don't get me wrong once you get used to the book ...
When I first began listening to this audio book, well I honestly have to say it startled me awake! I tend to load a few books on my MP3 player and listen to them as I doze off to sleep at night (also listen to them when I have appointments, ...
Well, Kirk tries really hard, his reading is slow, but clear, I have turned others off for being worse. I have to agree that some of the mispronunciations are irritating. The story is pretty good actually, and that makes this book worth listening to.
okay...(breath)....okay. My apologies, but i could not even get past episode 1 man. The sheer mispronunciation is making my head WANT to explode! The story sounds interesting, but it DEFINITELY needs to be remastered. I might've been able to keep going but if you are going to write a story ...
I give this story a B-. Simply because there were many unanswered questions. At first I hated the narration, however I got used to it and kinda liked it at the end. Never judge a story on the way it is read. Good job kirk, there were areas of improvement, ...
guess this makes me the a " complete douchebag" got about halfway and could not take it any more. The story has promise, but you must have some form of speech impediment. On a further note, William must be a hell of a DA game guide to run a game ...
i really enjoyed the story it was well written and a very unique ideal not the usual fantasy read that im used too nice change thank you Kirk i was however disappointed to never find out what happened to William and i thought the transition from real life to dark ...
Great work the writing was decent and I liked the narration. so some words weren't properly pronounced you would have to be a complete douchebag to have that turn you off the wild adventure.

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