By: Jessilyn Dodgson
Hey Who sings that song?
By: cassidy
I am extremely addicted to your books and was wondering if you were going to put the third book in the Infected trilogy on podiobooks. I really hope you do .
By: mica
love. can't wait to get to the ending. this is my second book this week by Sigler.
By: Dave
I was hesitant to read this series because I'm not really into this kind of book, but I'm so happy I did! My only critique is that they do start off slow with all the exposition, but after they get started, they hold your attention and keep you in suspense ...
By: S.L. Parrish
Fantastic! Had even more fun with this one than I did with Infected. Really enjoyed the relationship between Dawsey and Dew. The best part for me was how Montoya's character developed to become the individual who had to make the huge life-stakes decision at the end. Nicely done! The zombie-like ...
By: Jenny
This book was very 'moreish'. I meant to listen to an episode a day but I ended up binging and finishing it in a weekend. The body horror stuff is pretty full on at times, which I'm not really into, but I love the suspense. The plot really kept me ...
By: lara
i am really confused. margaret and clarence were where when the bomb went off? lara
By: Jon
Have read (or listened to) every Sigler book that is out. This is another great listen. The narration by Sigler is awesome, and keeps me interested during my very long commute. He was my introduction to podiobooks, and I can't wait until he releases more.
By: Melacanth
Awesome ending Scott! What an amazing series man, it's sad though to see a few of my favorites die but i coulndn't imagine any other ending. Keep up the great work man.
By: Shima
I am dying to finish the rest of the podcast... I think Dew Phillips should have his own spinoff.. He is classic!

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