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If Sarah Reeves was a faery instead of a human, it would be a whole lot easier for her to get what she wants: to ride Cheval Bayard in an elite competition; to earn a spot on the Mundane Intervention Team; and for Brendan Greenwood to like her. But Regan, her archrival at the stables is doing everything she can to steal Cheval Bayard out from under Sarah. There are more students than spaces for the Mundane Intervention Team, and competition is fierce. And Brendan inexplicably likes mean-girl Dahlia. It’s enough to make Sarah wonder if she should leave the realm of Faerie and return to the Mundane world, where she might feel like less of a freak. After all, she seems to be the one person who is painfully ordinary in a place where everyone and everything is magic. But when she and her friends stumble upon a terrifying conspiracy, her humanity may be the only thing that can save both worlds.

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  • Sarah just wants to ride her favorite horse, but her stable rival, Regan Darkwing, has other plans for her.

  • Sarah finds a surprise guest at Mundane Intervention Team training.

  • Sarah has to use all her wits to pass a skills evaluation test.

  • Sarah shares a secret.

  • On her way home from a difficult day in the village of Blackthorn, Sarah discovers a mystery.

  • Wherein Sarah not only recieves bad news, but has a terrifying encounter whilst minding her own business.

  • Wherein Sarah gets bad news and discovers a Luddite.

  • Sarah gets an idea. A wonderful, terrible idea.

  • Saraha's rash decision leads her and Laticia to the Houston Zoo. But is is too late to put things right?

  • Wherein Sarah finds something she was looking for...and something she wasn't.

  • Wherein Caroline finds some allies and Sarah and Laticia find some enemies.

  • Sarah and Laticia learn Njambai's secret. Caroline, Brendan and Qusay think they have a foolproof plan.

  • Sarah, Qusay, Caroline, Brendan and Laticia discover that their "foolproof" plan wasn't.

  • Both Caroline and Sarah start to re-evaluate their opinions of Brendan as they try to find a way out of their predicament.

  • As Sarah, Latcia, Qusay, Caroline and Brendan desperately search for a way home, they think they've found a way to turn the tables.

  • Sarah and Caroline discover a very handy trick.

  • Sarah and Caroline are reunited with their friends. But it's not much of a party.

  • Val is good at breaking things.

  • Worst. Field trip. Ever.

  • After all the struggle and intrigue, the day of the show has finally arrived. Does Sarah have a hope of winning, or will she lose her nerve?

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