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On October 5th of last year, the escalators at West Edmonton Mall shut down simultaneously due to what was believed to be a series of mechanical failures, stranding thousands on the second floor. By the time a rescue operation could be organized and mounted, nearly everyone on the mall’s upper level had been killed, and to this day few people, if any, understand what really happened during the period when that area of the mall was cut off from the rest of the world.

My name is Christopher Munroe, and this is the story of what happened to me. This isn't the whole story of what happened at West Edmonton Mall that horrible day, but it is my story. This is the story of the people I met, the things I had to endure, and the lengths I went to, to survive... a broken escalator.

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I could maybe understand one or even a few people forgetting that you can walk on a still escalator, due to the fact that it's ingrained in our culture that you just stand on them and they move. And if you're scared or pumped up on adrenaline, it could be ...
Maybe it is because I'm only on the 1st episode still but all I can keep thinking to myself is.. why is this guy so concerned about the escalator?? It's an escalator not an elevator. It doesn't matter if it's moving or not.. just walk down it!
I finished the book a while ago, and I really enjoyed it. While it may not be for everyone, I like the idea of making an everyday thing scary. Yes, there are some funny parts, but the body count was high, and if you really think about all the things ...
Im on chapter three and so far I think this is interesting. The idea that the simplest answer is non-existant to all these characters. Especially with the reveal in the beginning of the story that there is something more at play. Very interested in seeing how this ends.
I absolutely loved this book - it suited my sense of humour perfectly. It usually takes me a couple of episodes to get hooked, but this had me from the get-go. I also liked the various, how does one describe this, 'in-quotes' from various movies! (I hope I'm right and ...
I just finished this book and have to say that I enjoyed it. The initial "silliness" of it gives way to a more serious story and by the end has you saying "Oh, that explains it!". Thanks for the book Mr. Munroe, and well done.
I loved the story and found it a strange mix of horror and humor that seemed to work. The story gets better as it progresses. By the end I was addicted to the story and I recommend it to anyone with a twisted sense of humor.
I agree with Ellie. Okay, maybe the 1st episode could have grabbed our attention more. But the line in episode 2 about the sonic screwdriver should get all open minded SF cultish geeks on board. Yes it's a COMEDY!!! And there is something supernatural too!!
Oh come on people! I finished this book and loved it. I found it funny because it was meant to be. Tongue in cheek anyone? Youtube 'broken escalator' and you'll get an idea of this book.
I have just listened to the first episode, I'm not going to be listening to the second as the levels of stupid gave me a headache. If there is something supernatural going on stopping people from figuring out how to either use alternative methods of getting to the ground floor ...

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