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A divvy, a dying woman, and a promise

Rhona has the divvy gift; with only a touch she can tell if a baby will be fertile or a sterile Shun, destined to be killed or outcast. The people of the Deom depend on the divvys for survival, but it is a hard and brutal gift. As long as Rhona’s mother was alive, Rhona had followed the old ways, but now her mother is dead and Rhona is free to live her own life. She has one last obligation to fulfill: honor her mother's dying wish to find a woman named Selina and offer her help.

Rhona has no idea who Selina is, but the best way to find anyone on Deo is to travel the Bone Road, the trade highway paved with the remains of their ancestors. And follow it Rhona does, accompanied by her young son Jak, straight into a twisted conspiracy of vengeance, death, rebirth, and the mystery of the Riders, men who never die and are bent on closing the Bone Road forever.

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Wow. Well, you made my day. Also, my week and month. I am so happy you enjoyed it.
The Bone Road is vivid, believable, imaginative, complete. The characters seem real enough to have lived next door. The motivations seem real enough to have happened next door, too ! This is a really nice piece of work. And, this makes it a complete package = Mary has a very ...
I also, like others here, enjoyed Matcher Rules, but I have to say Bone Road was captivating! Well it was for me at least. I love how we got to watch the characters develop and I felt like I better understood why they made the decisions they choose. I really ...
I am so glad you are enjoying it. I learned a lot doing Matcher Rules, and I tried very hard to improve. And there's nothing like a new microphone to up the quality.
Congratulations. Matcher Rules was very good. Bone Road is terrific! The scenes with young "Annie" was some of the most engaging writing i've read/heard in a while. Your reading has also stepped up from Matcher too. I'm on episode 19 but I just wanted to say how much i'm enjoying ...
Masterful world building and storytelling! Looking forward to listening to story's by Mary Holland.

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