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Catherine is a 1500 year old vampire. (She’s really 1800 but she lies about her age.) Chris is a high school senior. She is a blood sucking creature of the night. He is a Jehovah’s Witness. Together they discover something that threatens the existence of every vampire, and the only solution is to break the One Law that binds them all.

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  • After seeing her lover Watch The Sunrise, Catherine tries to console herself by snacking on a few humans. The trouble between Chris and Eddie begins.

  • Catherine decides to move out of LA and fuels up at a nearby club.

  • Catherine spends some time at the casino. Eddie comes face to face with history.

  • The history of the deadly vampire brew.

  • Catherine makes a new friend in Chicago. Chris gets his punishment.

  • The Thompson's troubles. Catherine moves on.

  • This Old House – Catherine finds a new place and settles in. Eddie gets even, then wishes he hadn't.

  • Welcome. Go Away! Welcome. Catherine welcomes Chris into her home. She's threatend by one group of vampires in The City, then welcomed by others.

  • Catherine offers Chris eternal life, and gives him a small sample of the pleasure it entails.

  • Chris makes his decision.

  • Some conversions are harder than others.

  • Catherine gives Chris a bit of training.

  • Finally!

  • Catherine ponders the implications of breaking The One Law.

  • The newest vamp makes a mess of things.

  • Catherine and Chris make preparations for the final battle, while a new threat captures the attention of the public.

  • Chris and Catharine throw a party.

Great story!
I really enjoyed this book! I think the only part I would change is I wish at least one other ancient got involved in the end. I hope you right a follow up of Chris after a decade or two to see how he is coming along.
I really enjoyed the whole concept of the book. I was intrigued by the concept of mixing the classic vampire story with a religious situation. It changed the "same old" vampire story into something unique and enjoyable.
Featured on my blog! http://allyoucaneatplusmints.blogspot.com/2010/05/listen-listen.html
Dave did a wonderful job with this book. It moves at a good pace - there are no long boring parts that make you scream at the author "Hurry up already!" Just enough character development to keep you going but plenty of open room for more books. If you haven't ...
I am really not a fan of Vampire stories which is why this one caught my eye. I too thought that two such polar opposites would be interesting as a story line hook. The story over all was okay, there were a few parts where I almost felt like I ...
I spotted this book a few times while looking for a good vampire story but I always skipped over it and kept looking because I didn't think I would be interested in reading about a vampire and a JW. I finally decided to at least listen to a few episodes ...
I had loaded this into my ipod and was ready to do some chores one Sunday morning... when I happen to look out my front window and see a duo of strangers in their Sunday best making a beeline for my front door. And irony of ironies, yes, it was ...
I loved every second of this book and I was hooked from the word go. I got my husband to listen to it as well and he is loving it. Cant wait to see if Dave releases another story. 5 stars from me.
Loved this book. Loved almost the entire thing. Only problem was with the epilogue, but i'm a bigger fan of cat than chris. Hope to hear more from you!

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