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What if you weren't who you thought you were, what others saw you to be? What if the structure of time depended on you to keep it steady. What if unseen forces, both good and evil, surrounded you, effecting your life in way's you could not begin to imagine? Well, if that were the case, you'd be Mark De Martel, unobtrusive advertising agent in Los Angeles. Or would you? Possibly you were a Mark, but possibly you would be a powerful warrior, using skills such as the manipulation of gravity itself to save existence.

The answer can be found by listening to Anon Time. It is a science fiction formatted novel with philosophical and spiritual underpinnings guaranteed to whisk you on an adventure of wondrous scope and amazing clarity. Treat yourself to this fantastic story, trust us, you deserve it.

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  • We meet our hero Mark and follow him through a typical few days. He is confronted by hoodlums and nearly faints. The episode ends with Mark having a disturbing dream.

  • Mark's weekend starts off mundanely enough. However, he rushes to aid a damsel in distress, and blanks out, only to wake up finding the assailants are dead or severely injured. The problem is, what the woman tells him he did is impossible, and he cannot recall a thing. Mark begins seeing people who aren't there. When Mark returns home, he avoids having to tell his wife about his adventure by a series of inconceivable events.

  • Mark is muddled in frustration trying to figure out what happened the night before, without any luck. During a routine trip to the mall to watch his wife's karate display, Mark is attacked by assassins and kills them all. Now he has to explain to his wife that he's Anon Blake, the greatest of Gravity Warriors, and not her meek husband.

  • Anon faces the onerous task of making Rebecca believe he is who he claims to be, and not her husband Mark. In the process he reveals some clues as to his true nature. She is stunned to learn she's a multimillionaire.

  • Anon continues to try and convince Rebecca of his true identity. She makes him explain his secrets to a Physics professor, and all his secrets are laid bare. In the end she must be satisfied or she and the boys will surely perish.

  • We meet the megalomaniacal Malmole, and his chief. Anon and Iola get acquainted. She learns of his quirky personality. Slowly Anon develops a plan to face Mal. They walk by a trio of ghosts. Anon explains their nature, the structure of life, to an amazed Iola.

  • The action really accelerates. Anon runs into the bully Billie and extracts so revenge. Anon and Iola confront Malmole's henchmen for the first time, escaping to hide again. As they prepare for the next encounter, they meet an angel in an art museum. Anon reveals the secret of life to Iola in a Peet's Coffee.

  • Anon and Iola prepare to meet Malmole for the final showdown. Before doing so, they meet an old friend of Anon's. Anon explains what Mal's twisted plan is. He hopes to make all of time coincident, and Anon explains what that would mean.

  • Anon and Iola make their final preparations to face Malmole. He retrieves his legendary swords, then they leave to the extreme future to end the struggle once and for all. The final conflict takes place.

  • The story comes to its end. After the final battle, the Angel Frank comes to the future to speak with our heroes. Many philosophical points are covered, and plot gaps closed. The surprise ending is one of hope, and future promises.

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