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Every five minutes, a transplant candidate dies while waiting for a heart, a liver, or a kidney. Imagine a technology that could provide those life saving organs for a nominal fee.....and imagine what a company would do to monopolize that technology.

On a remote island in the Canadian Arctic, P.J. Colding leads a team of scientists who have discovered this holy grail of medicine. By reverse engineering the genomes of thousands of mammals, Colding's team has dialed back the evolutionary clock to re-create their common ancestor. The method? Illegal. The result? A computer engineered living creature --- an animal whose organs can be permanently transplanted into anyone with zero chance of rejection.

There's just one problem: these ancestors turn out not to be the docile herd animals Colding's team envisioned. Instead, Colding's work has given birth to something big, something evil.


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  • Welcome to the mind of brilliant Chinese geneticist Liu Jian Dan. It's a bit disturbing here.

  • Galina Porischova has a clandestine meeting with Paul Fischer. She wants to blow the whistle on Genada's research. We begin to see exactly how far Genada is willing to go to protect their profits.

  • President Gutierrez wants Murray Longworth to take charge of a new government agency specially designed to handle "Special Threats." However, Murray has some conditions that he needs to have met before he will accept the post.

  • Paul Fischer travels to Greenland to prevent a potential pandemic from escaping the Novozyme xenotransplantation research facility.

  • Dr. Liu Jian Dan has serious mental problems. PJ Colding must reassure and calm both her and Dante Paglione, albeit in totally different ways.

  • Andy "The Asshole" Crosthwaite lives up to his pseudonym. Claus Rhumkorrf, Erika Hoel, Jian and Tim Feely perform an immune response test. Bobby Valentine flies in more mammalian genome samples to Baffin Island.

  • Farm Girl apprises the Pagliones that Paul Fischer will be coming to shut Genada down soon. Dante convinces Magnus that he can sell their xenotransplantation concept to multiple investors, which will enable Genada to continue their research. Magnus calls Sara Purinam and tells her to get her flight crew ready. Erika Hoel is in emotional turmoil after falling in love with multiple co-workers.

  • Magnus Paglione's office is filled with personal items which give clues to his inner self. Tim is fed up with Rhumkorrf treating him like an idiot so he blows off some steam. Dante Paglione succeeds in refinancing Genada's efforts for the time being.

  • Fischer's mole is given the command to destroy all of the project's data, the base's ability to communicate, and any means of transportation. Jian has an epiphany right as the saboteur begins their mission. Gunther is convinced he's going to be the next Stephanie Meyers. He calls Brady when he can't get any of the remote systems to function properly.

  • The saboteur wreaks havoc on Baffin Island. The first fatality occurs.

  • Dr. Liu Jian Dan is the only thing standing in the way of the spy completing their mission. Can PJ get there in time to save her? Magnus arrives on the C-5 with Sara and her crew. PJ gets a rather chilly reception from her.

  • The C-5 heads for Black Manitou Island. Fischer and company close the noose around Baffin Island. Sara's usage of a pet nickname for PJ gives a glimpse into their rocky history.

  • Jian's sanity begins to slip as they fly away from Baffin Island. Sara deals with a potential mutiny from her crew. Sara is overwhelmed when Jian explains how the God Machine works. The team defeats the immune response test. Rhumkorrf feels like an idiot when Jian shares the nature of her revelation.

  • The C-5 lands in the middle of Lake Superior on Black Manitou Island. The team meets the Detweilers, the Harveys, and Sven Ballantine. Sara makes a great impression. PJ does not.

  • Dante finally begins to realize exactly what Magnus is capable of. PJ sizes up Gary Detweiler. The Harveys give Tim a tour of the mansion. Clayton shows PJ and Sara into the security room, where they discover how many weapons and munitions Magnus has stockpiled.

  • Jian, Claus, and Tim successfully implant blastocysts in all fifty cows. Jian tries to play matchmaker for Colding. Sara makes it crystal clear that she has zero interest in Andy's "gun." Jian's coding for accelerated development appears to be working brilliantly. The ancestors are growing more than fourteen times as quickly as a human fetus would. Clayton and Sara continue to bond. Clayton introduces Colding to Sven's cattle rustler, Mookie.

  • The team gets to view their first ultrasound of what they've implanted. Dante's manuever continues to vex Fischer and Longworth. We find out exactly how *much* of an asshole Andy is. Sara and Peej have a heart to heart.

  • Magnus gets some important information from Farm Girl. Colding informs Dante of the team's success. Rhumkorff has to do an ultrasound after one of the fetuses mysteriously vanishes from Cow Sixteen. Everyone is startled by his shocking discovery.

  • Rhumkorff performs an autopsy on the fetus from Cow Sixteen in an attempt to explain its odd behavior. Tim discovers that the Ancestors are growing much faster than Jian projected they would. Fischer finally receives the information from Russia regarding Galina. This helps him develop an innovative strategy to bypass Farm Girl. Colding & Sara share some quality time on the beach. Dante berates Colding for allowing Rhumkorff to perform multiple autopsies. Sara & Jian begin naming the herd.

  • Fischer pays the Paglione brothers a surprise visit. Dante is far from happy. Magnus arrives on Black Manitou island. Peej lets Sara know what's going on in the belly of her C-5. Magnus & Andy have fun taunting Colding to see if they can get a rise out of him.

  • Colding confronts Rhumkorff to try and figure out why her medication isn't working. Jian knows what *must* happen for the project to succeed, but her sanity is devolving rapidly. Rhumkorff finally admits that the ancestors may be dangerous when Tim & Jian simultaneously confront him. Jian decides that she wants to leave Black Manitou Island.

  • Jian recalculates her projections and shows Rhumkorff the results. The team disagrees on whether they should continue the project or let the cows die. Sara teaches Colding how to ride a snowmobile when everyone goes out to pick up materials for the ancestor pens. Jian sets up a VOIP connection so she can contact the world outside if she has to. Miss Milkshake flatlines.

  • Claus, Jian, and Tim get their first look at an Ancestor outside of the womb. They perform an autopsy and try to figure out what went wrong with the Milkshakes. Magnus confronts Jian when she places a call.

  • Colding, Magnus, and Dante all have to deal with the fallout after the incident with Jian. Sara gets unpleasant surprises from both Colding & Magnus.

  • Magnus browbeats Sara into taking the C-5 up in a nasty storm. The turbulence jars Miss Patty Melt out of her harness and the crew attempts to rein in the ensuing chaos.

  • Sara discovers Magnus' parting gift. Will the C-5 crew be able to perform an emergency landing without any casualties?

  • The survivors from the plane crash make it to Sven's barn. Clayton's spider sense starts to tingle. Sven & Mookie discover the experimental herd.

  • Clayton & Sven remain vexed by the overnight translocation of the main herd. Clayton discovers the surviving C-5 crew in the woods and takes them home.

  • Sven ignores Clayton's warning and goes out to his barn. Big mistake.

  • Clayton takes the C-5 survivors to a safe place so they can hide out. The Harveys have a close encounter with the ancestors. Magnus lays out his plan for Andy.

  • Clayton contacts his son and makes arrangements for him to come out to Black Manitou on a rescue mission. An unexpected survivor forces Magnus to adjust his plans.

  • Magnus is determined to find out what Clayton's been up to. Andy & Colding run into some ancestor trouble when they head out to Sven's place to see what's going on.

  • Magnus uses extreme measures to interrogate Clayton. Gary arrives on the island and attempts to rescue the survivors of the C-5 crash.

  • Magnus Paglione had a nice little chat with Clayton Detweiler to find out where Sara Purinam and Tim Feely were hiding. Now, Magnus is on his way to meet the two survivors. Meanwhile, Gunther Jones awaits in a tall tower in the middle of Black Manitou Island - cold, lonely and wishing he could return to his writing. Colding and Rhumkorrf have been hiding at the Harvey's farm, but they know that place won't stay safe for long.

  • Colding and Rhumkorrf head to the mansion, searching for weapons and a way off of Black Manitou Island. They don't know if Magnus is waiting for them, but they have no choice - without weapons, they stand no chance against the ravenous ancestors.

  • The chase is on, my Junkie friends. The chase is on. The Ancestors are on the hunt!

  • Sara, Tim and Colding are in the church, facing a showdown with the loveable Magnus Paglione. The Ancestors are running wild, eating anything that moves and some things that don't. It's high-octane action from beginning to end!

  • This is it! The final episode of ANCESTOR. I hope you enjoyed the production, and I hope this last episode knocks you right in the jumblies.

  • Scott sits down with A Kovacs to answer questions sent in by the Junkies about the latest Ancestor edition.

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