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Science Fiction Adventure in the year 2135! Alibi Jones, a Mediator for the Solar Alliance, is on the trail of alien kidnappers. He'll soon discover that dangers thought long-dead are still very much ALIVE!

This stand-alone sequel (of sorts) to The VATICAN ASSASSIN Trilogy takes place 23 years after the events in VATICAN ABDICATOR. New readers will have no trouble jumping in, while those who enjoyed the first trilogy will meet old friends, new characters, and new alien races and civilizations! Alibi Jones is the son of BC- Bernard Campion - the Vatican Assassin. He may be a "chip off the old block", but that doesn't mean he has to like it...

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  • Meet Alibi Jones... In the Preface, Alibi tells us a little about himself as he records birthday scrapbook footage for his Aunt Anita. Chapter One then begins with Alibi Jones in the middle of trouble, thrown into a cell on the distant outpost world of Tek'Ti'Karn! He's either a prisoner of the reptilian Tek'Tah, or meant as food for the cell's other prisoner - a cat-like, alien Dakhur...

  • Alibi, Kit and Piccolo are prisoners, locked in a Tek'Tah cell on the outpost world of Tek'Ti'Karn. Alibi and Kit have an escape plan... but will their alien guard stay awake long enough for them to follow it?

  • Alibi Jones, the Dakhur - Kit - and Piccolo escape from the Tek'Tah across the surface of Tek'Tih'Karn. On the run... but where can they run to? The abandoned ruins of a Domo enclave loom in the distance...

  • Alibi, Kit and Piccolo left Tek'Ti'Karn on the rather pungent smelling ship Piccolo found for them. They're figuring out where to go next. Alibi explains how he ended up in the Tek'Tah's cell, and Kit suggests a possible destination.

  • Alibi and Piccolo make a gruesome discovery on the bridge of their ship as the trip to Junzias continues. Kit explains that there is a price to pay for encountering the Devrizium...

  • Alibi brings the Stinger ship down to land in stealth on Junzias. He, Kit and Piccolo approach a Tek'Tah port installation under cover of darkness. They spy a ship, Tek'Tah and human prisoners - but this doesn't seem to be the final stop for the kidnap victims. When a ship that shouldn't exist and a crew that should be dead appear, Alibi realizes this is all much bigger than he thought it was!

  • How will Alibi's Aunt Anita react to the news they're bringing back to her? And what does it all mean, anyway? What are the ramifications of their discovery? Are there any answers, or just more questions?

  • Alibi, Kit and Piccolo visit an old friend of Alibi's father, Dr. Krishnavurti - Krish! They hope Krish can help them figure out where to go next as they try to track down the kidnap victims.

  • Alibi, Kit and Piccolo look for the planetoid from Alibi's vision. They find... something. What is going on here?

  • The two men and the Dakhur investigate the mysterious facility they've discovered on the planetoid. Alibi finds what he's been looking for, in a way... but the three also discover horrors.

  • The trio finds a lot more than they bargained for as they enter a small building on the planetoid in search of an underground hangar. They find Masakov - the "mad scientist" - the sick surgeon whose lab they were just exploring. They find Piccolo's sister, find out someone is not who they said they were, and discover the Eldred Ship, de-powered and in deplorable condition. The first part of Chapter Eleven.

  • Having freed the alien kidnap victims, Alibi and his companions try to find Masakov. The strange machine by the ship has been activated... What does it do? Part Two of Chapter 11.

  • Once in your life, maybe twice if you're unlucky, you may find you have to do something that no one should ever have to do. This is one of those times for Alibi Jones. A fleet of Tek'Tah warships arrives to complicate matters further. Speaking of complicated, Piccolo's "sister" Katie's appearance has raised a whole new set of problems and questions...

  • Alibi tries to convince his Aunt Anita that the Eldred he saw are real - and that they're back! We also learn more about Katie: Who she's on the run from... And why.

  • They are going back to the planetoid! Anita has agreed to lead a SAIF expedition back to the old Eldred base where Alibi freed the kidnap victims! What will they find on their return?

  • Having reached a number of dead ends, Alibi decides to try to get his life back to "normal" and get back to work. But his work is interrupted by a call from Anita with bad news!

  • Katie's gone. Took her things and disappeared from Alibi's aunt's place. She left a note, but that was all. Alibi is crushed. Then he spots an all-too-familiar figure loitering around a suspicious looking shipping package... the second half of chapter fifteen.

  • Despite setting his Wand to "Do Not Disturb," Alibi is woken up by an emergency call from the SAIF Garrison on Cat's Eye. It's Katie. And Piccolo. And trouble...

  • Alibi heads for Rigel Four to pick up Dr. Krish for a covert journey back to the abandoned Eldred base on the planetoid. Despite their best efforts the two are interupted - the com rings out while they're trying to cover their tracks... in the middle of nowhere! Part one of chapter seventeen.

  • Alibi, Kit and Krish land on the planetoid, lowering their ship down into the underground shipyard so they can test the area for tachyons. Alibi has a flash - a brief vision of Ashometh? The conclusion of chapter seventeen.

  • Following Kit's suggestion, Alibi and the cat-man head for De'Ramanar, an abandoned Eldred world near the borders of Dakhur and Tek'Tah space. The planet now non-toxic, Eldred have been spotted by Dakhur agents at their once abandoned base on De'Ramanar. Alibi wants to bring back an Eldred to prove they have returned. Unfortunately for him, Alibi gets a little too close to the fuzzy blue aliens...

  • Knocked out and dragged inside the Eldred facility, Alibi comes face to face with Ashometh, who corrects him - "It is Azhumet!" The man confirms Alibi's worst fears. But Alibi also encounters someone - or something - else that gives him an edge against the alien... Part one of chapter nineteen.

  • Azhumet ridicules Alibi for all that he does not know about physics, time and science. The human-appearing, yet alien scientist seems to enjoy telling Alibi what he is going to do with Alibi's genetic materials. But the discourse and the surgery come to an abrupt end... Chapter nineteen continued.

  • Azhumet faces off against the SAIF troopers as the squadron arrives at the old Eldred base accompanied by Kit. Are they in time to save Alibi? Azhumet seems to surrender. The "Greater Tah" appear, and change the game entirely. But Azhumet uses the distraction of their appearance to his advantage - a familiar sounding machine revs up... The conclusion of chapter nineteen.

  • The final chapter of the first adventure of Alibi Jones... will there be more?

  • Thank you for listening to Alibi Jones.

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