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A Long November: A Tale of Christmas Come Too Early



Cover for 'A Long November: A Tale of Christmas Come Too Early'

Duncan Marks is just like you -- sick and tired of Christmask before the Thanksgiving turkey even comes out of the oven. But this year, a Spirit of the Season takes him on a journey that tests his resolve... and upon which Christmas itself may rise or fall.

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This was a wonderful book. It made me laugh outloud. I loved hinting about the Christmas stories that we all know and love like Frosty and the Grinch and others. Wonderful!! Thank you!!
This was an interesting twist on things. I found this a nice light entertaining story. It was just "fun." The narration was great and I found myself laughing out loud in the truck quite often.
I honestly have to say I've listened to this podcast six times in the past year! I'm a Christmas freak and this podcast *certianly* does not disappoint. I could see making it a holiday tradition.
What a wonderful book. Thank you. It put a new spin on a over done story. I'm looking forward to anything else the author may write.
I live with a Christmas Junkie wife, so this book hit close to home! I loved it - every twist and turn, every witty reference to current Christmas icons (without mentioning them by name - what a great technique!), the fast-paced writing... This is an author who deserves a lot ...
I have just finished this podcast this afternoon, and I must say that I was thrilled to read it. It brought the Christmas spirit to me in the beginnings of July - and I'd gladly recommend it for any month of the year! Of all of the charectors, though, I ...
It's official. I've just decided this should become the next Christmas classic. Even though I read this story in April, it was completely engaging, very funny, and totally entertaining. As I listened, I tried to imagine what actors could/should play each role. Tim Allen and Tom Hanks naturaly came to ...
The idea of a Christmas story didn't exactly tickle my fancy, but the writing was engaging and humorous. Somewhere in the middle I decided I really liked the story. It was creative, imaginative, and entertaining. I thought the ending was perfect, but I'm a bit disappointed that it's over.
Thanks for the kind words, Gail and Joe. Hope you enjoyed the book, now that the conclusion is online -- and I've got something new in the works for later this spring.
Looking forward to the next episode. Will it be available soon?

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