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Recently re-mastered with all around better quality sound and production!!

Originally aired as a segment for Michael and Evo's Wingin' It! podcast, A Different Point of View is a series of essays about the Star Wars Universe as seen through the eyes of lowly sandtrooper, TD-0013. It takes everything you thought you knew about the Star Wars saga and flips it around to expose the ugly underbelly of the Rebellion, The Jedi, and everything else.

A Different Point of View has rapidly become one of the most popular segments on Wingin' It!, and if you've missed any, now is your chance to catch up on them and find out why TD-0013 is everyone's favorite Stormtrooper. You also might just end up being one of the many who've discovered that the Empire were the "good guys" all along.

For the past six films in the saga, you've heard the Rebels' side of the story, now it's time for A Different Point of View.

Warning: These segments are rated PG-13 for the use of "Soldier Language" and dealing with some subjects a bit too much for younger fans of the saga.

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Greetings, gang.... No, I'm not dead... not yet. Yes, ADPoV.net is no more. It ran it's course and did what it needed to do, which was get the message out there. Once that mission was complete, I had QT scuttle the whole thing and we bounced. That being said, ALL ...
What we have is what we have, THX-11387. If there others that TD-0013 made available, they must have been intercepted by the rebel scum and uploaded to rogue droids. Regardless, they are no longer within our grasp.
It appears that the great adpov.net is down or the server is dead/something else i'm missing. I hope that's not the case as i remember more than the 15 listed here, and wish to have as many as possible. The "off-the-wall" but in depth understanding of the Stormtrooper mindset is ...
An excellent listen, even for a casual Star Wars fan like me.
Fantastic episodes and highly entertaining. Where are your new episodes??? :)
Finally someone that speaks the truth about jedi, the rebels and the Fetts. Some of the funniest stuff ever written about star wars, please keep it up.
Nothing short of pure genius!
This has got to be the funniest isht EVER concerning the Star Wars Universe. Hys-friggin-sterical!
Ragnarok, that's the big, loud promo that podiobooks slaps on the front of *everything*. Out of my hands. If you're not getting any of the real content though, only those bumpers for Podiobooks, you can get all 15, plus up to 21 now, of ADPoV at http://www.adpov.net The site has ...
it keeps giving me the same one where it says your listening to a podiobooks.com presentation it says tht for all 15 chapters

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