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Join Bill Morison on his journey through corporate America, as he learns about auditing insurance and just how irritating people can be. This podcast contains office related humor, inspired by the author’s experiences in navigating through corporate life. If you’ve ever worked in an office with coworkers you just couldn’t understand, you will find yourself reminiscing about that weird guy that always hung out at the water cooler.

WARNING: The characters, names, and events in this podcast novel are purely fictional. Any reference to real people is purely coincidental. Should you think that you are represented in this podcast novel and have worked with the author, please see above. That being said, if you still having a nagging suspicion that you are depicted in this podcast novel and don’t like your how your character is portrayed, think about how bad it must have been for the author working around you.

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  • Bill is introduced to his new company, Riders Insurance and gets an introduction to the audit department. After meeting some of the management, Bill tries to login to his system and get situated.

  • In this episode, Bill starts to learn how to audit insurance. He is quick to discover that insurance is a very dry subject.

  • In this episode, Riders buys back their company logo and celebrates by giving every employee in the company a hat. The staff in Bill’s building also gets to have there picture taken and put on the company’s intranet home page.

  • Bill’s been trained on how to audit insurance. Now he learns the “right way” from a few coworkers. He has the distinct pleasure of hearing Star Wars sing a song and learns a few time saving maneuvers.

  • Bill has a slow start to his day and makes it in a few minutes late. He has an encounter with one of the departments help staff, Moleth.

  • Bill is asked to join the department’s Employee Activity Committee, the group in charge of birthday celebrations and the company picnic coming up in a few months.

  • The Denver audit center goes on there annual company picnic. As the day progresses, Bill learns that the bad feelings he generates are going to cause the end of the world, according to Moleth. On the bright side at least there’s good food.

  • Bill is placed on the ever vigilant and highly trained AED and fire warden teams, in response to a compliant from Star Wars that he is understaffed.

  • Management comes down hard on the department for low quality scores, but the thing that has everyone worried is the announcement that Riders is looking to leverage some offshore resources.

  • The building is blacked out with a power outage that lasts for hours. To pass the time, Bill and some of the staff got to lunch at BW2’s, where they staff meets one of Bill’s friends, Cory.

  • We all hate corporate surveys and Bill is no different. In this episode, he is forced to take a survey asking his opinion about the department.

  • The department learns the ins and outs of workplace safety, taught by Star Wars, but things get a little out of hand when Star Wars tells the office they can’t wear open toed shoes anymore.

  • Bill enjoys a relaxing Halloween as the girls from claims walk around in revealing costumes and Bill enjoys the spoils of winning a bet.

  • Chester’s paranoia comes to a head in this episode and the office gets news about Moleth and her trip to Peru.

  • Our story comes to a close in this episode and…do you really want me to give it away in the description? I didn’t think so.

Really Enjoyed listening to this book on my daily commute. It reminded me of my days in the military when I had to deal with "unique" individuals. The only question I have is, Is there going to be a 8742? :)
I'm enjoying what I'm hearing so far, but I'm only at chapter 5. I found that there's an error on chapter 6, and there isn't a download box that pops up. I hope it gets fixed so I can hear the next chapter! :) Thanks!
The book was very good, I enjoyed it very much.
Yep you just told the story of my life here at work. The only thing you left out was Hot Guy. I am not referring to good looking either but to the guy who is always complaining about how hot it is even though it is freezing. Oh but you ...
Wow, my post seems really snarky now that I look at it. Sorry 'bout that. I used to live in Highlands Ranch, so it was cool to hear all the references to places I'm familiar with. I did enjoy the book, and I have Legon Awakening loaded up. Thanks!
Brian, Thanks for the heads up, we are talking about the same place everyone I know here in Denver knows it as BW2. But your right I wikipedia'd it, either way we are still talking about the same great restaurant. The one in the book is the actual, the restaurant ...
It's BW3, not BW2. Yeah, yeah, work of fiction, and in this fictional world the wing joint is called BW2. No, it's BW3.
Listening to the fourth installment. This is like the audio version of the Dilbert comic strip. That is meant as a compliment. Having worked for the company that sets the rates and determines the classifications for workers comp insurance, I can totally relate to the shenanigans and corporate bone-headedness related ...
This podiobook didn't have an intergalactic war, nothing about the french revolution, and no profound thesis about the ethical implications of human society.....BUT It was a really fun book, full of humour, quirky characters, nice dialogue, and i really enjoyed it. Thanks for making my office days a little more ...
quite a well done podiobook. i've burned through about 20 or so books and yours is definitely near the top in terms of story quality, which, IMHO, is the hardest thing to 'do' in writing. everything else can be improved with merely more practice/time. so you're doing well. :) look ...

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