What happened to the Charts?

Yeah… the charts. Another casualty of our rapid deployment. But hey, we did get the site back up in about 2.5 days with a whole new code base and some better features.

But you want your charts. I get it. And we’ll do that… sort of.

You see, our old system wasn’t very good at tracking activity. And at the heart of our charts was (in theory, anyhow) activity. You see the problem.

So rather than recreate an imperfect system, we’re going to mak a better one. But there are a few things in the way of that. Like giving you the ability to rate books. Yeah, that’s currently off line. But we encourage you to share your favorite books on Google+, Facebook and Twitter. That helps.

We have ideas on how to make this better, and Tim, Brant, Chris… everyone agrees that we need to get to it. It’s high on our list. We appreciate your continued patience.

 – Evo