What happened to my login?

In short: you don’t need it. Just browse the books and pick what you like. No account required.

A longer versions is this: We were hacked. Hard. That’s why we were down for 2.5 days. But in reality, we’d been fighting this hack for the better part of a year. No, I’m not kidding.

So we redeployed on a brand new code base. In 2.5 days. Not to shabby for a bunch of skilled volunteers who don’t get paid for their efforts.

Our first priority was making our books available. We did that. Right now, you can check out any of our books, listen on the page or add them to your favorite podcatcher.

And yes, this happened at the expense of your personal account. This will cause some of you dismay, as you were using the account to track what you’ve listen to or wanted to listen to. We get that, and we’re sorry.

Will we add logins in the future? Maybe. If we need to. But there are a lot of other cool features we’re quickly getting released (like linking between series, a quick link to see all books by an author, and more!) that are keeping us occupied. That’s why this blog still looks like crap!

So please, before you send Evo hate mail, give the new site a shot. It’s designed to be simpler than it was before. Also remember that we’re not finished, and updates are happening multiple times a day.

But if there’s something you really think we need to do, click the Feedback icon back on the main site and see what other ideas are being pondered. We’re listening!