New release! Open All Night and Other Tales by David Collins-Rivera

April 26th, 2016 by Evo

We’ve got a new short story audiobook collection for you! Check out Open All Night and Other Tales by David Collins-Rivera:

A teenage girl with a choice to make; a stand-up comic running from his past; a woman giving birth while her world is torn to pieces. Space stations, starships, and people just being people. Five stories from the Stardrifter universe!

New release! Heaven’s Conflict – The Rise and Fall of Angels by Bill Rockwell

April 10th, 2016 by Evo

If religious fantasy is what you crave, check our latest offering. It’s called Heaven’s Conflict – The Rise and Fall of Angels by Bill Rockwell:

Soon after being created, Lucifer becomes jealous of God’s power and authority.  He then plots to seize God’s Throne.  God assigns the other Archangels to convince Lucifer of his folly, and return him to His Grace.  There follows verbal jousting between formidable Archangels.  Lucifer, seething with evil and desiring to do the seemingly impossible, to destroy God, refuses to repent, however, and forms an army of rebellious Angels.  God then commands the Archangel Michael to lead Heaven’s Angels against Lucifer’s demon army.  The stage is thus set for the most significant confrontation ever with the sovereignty of God’s Throne at stake.

New release! Coleshanger by Norman E Williams

April 4th, 2016 by Evo

Thomas Corfield has adapted and presents this humorous fiction tale, Coleshanger:

“Coleshanger people are pretty bad,” said Uncle Edward. “They won’t cross water after sunset. And they have to be in bed by midnight, otherwise they think that they’ll be turned into baboons and apes. They also worship the flea.”

Written in 1952, Coleshanger is a humorous, whimsical and charming recount of English village life in the early part of the last century, a tale waiting seventy years to be heard, but still very much the story of us today.

New release! Madrone by Jack B. Rochester

March 25th, 2016 by Evo

Part two of Jack B. Rochester’s The Nathaniel Hawthorne Flowers Trilogy is out. Check out Madrone and keep the story going! 

Madrone, the second volume in the Nathaniel Hawthorne Flowers trilogy, follows Wild Blue Yonder: A Novel of the 1960s.

It’s 1969 and Nate is out of the Air Force and back in California, in the arms of Jane Chandler, the girl he left behind. Pretty, high-spirited, and totally in love with Nate, Jane takes him back to college with her, the University of California at Santa Cruz, one of the hippest campuses in the country. At first, Nate follows what seems like a set path: college, becoming a good citizen. But it doesn’t take long before he sees the system for what it is. And he doesn’t like it.

The times are rife with sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, and before long Nate is immersed in all three. Standing at the opposite perspective is Professor Gerald Iron Moccasin, who wants Nate as his student and is willing to stop at nothing to make that happen, and Jane’s father Will, who wants a decent, upright man to marry his daughter.

Caught up in all this is Nate, who has only two interests: how much he loves Jane and how badly he wants to be a writer.

New release! RazorWire by Troy Hallewell

February 21st, 2016 by Evo

Continuing a theme this week, we’ve another post-apocalyptic tale for you. This time, it’s RazorWire by Troy Hallewell:

Once the world was beautiful and full of people. Great concrete cities filled the landscape and steel buildings reached high into the sky. But now, a century after an unparalleled destruction, very few portions of that old world remain, and, in the land known only as “The Waste”, the few remaining fragments of a glorious past are breaking down, wearing out and disappearing on a daily basis.

Yet, it is more than just artifacts and memories of the past at stake when a new enemy arrives. Flooding over the land and leaving total destruction in their wake, these mysterious invaders will stop at nothing until all ties to the old and glorious world are destroyed and forgotten.

But there is one last hope, a rumor which speaks of a powerful people who survived the cataclysmic destruction of years before unscathed. Could they be the answer the tribes of The Waste need in their darkest hour? Could this rumored people hold back the tide of destruction or will The Waste, along with the final remnants of humanity’s glorious past, disappear forever like dried grass in a flame?

The Definitive Guide To Making Serialized Audiobooks For

February 21st, 2016 by Evo

If you’re producing content for, please note that I’ve made a pretty serious overhaul to make things easier and better explained. It’s such a big change that I decided to created an entirely new and much more well-rounded book on the topic.

The Definitive Guide To Making Serialized Audiobooks for Podiobooks.comIt has the rather audacious title “The Definitive Guide To Making Serialized Audiobooks For” and is, as you might imagine, completely free.

There’s a nifty 13-point checklist and a brand-new hardware/software buying guide. I also blended in some helpful tips and tricks, as well as more “philosophy” behind the concept of creating serialized audiobooks. So if you’re looking for some fun (?) reading about the process, still in-progress, have been on the fence, are just starting out, or deeply curious about what I’ve written; now you know where to get it!

And if you’re _brand_ brand new, I also redid the “How To Get Listed On” page to make it a little (and by that I mean A LOT) shorter and more to the point.

New release! The Dark Rift by Gilliam Ness

February 19th, 2016 by Evo

For those who like a little mystery in their thrilling scifi, check out Gilliam Ness’ The Lost Artifact series. This is Book 1 – The Dark Rift:

When they come into possession of a mysterious prehistoric cube, relic hunter Gabriel Parker, and the alluring artifact historian Natasha Rossi, find themselves inexplicably bound to a dark mythology dating back to the roots of civilization. Throughout history the long lost Cube has been sought after by emperors, popes, and caliphs alike. It is believed to be a container of knowledge; a holy vessel capable of emancipating humanity from the confines of earthly mortality. Now that it has been found, demonic forces are surfacing to destroy it. Their presence marks the return of a potent nefarious entity that once reigned supreme in Earth’s distant reptilian past.

Under the apocalyptic shadow of global unrest and rampant natural disasters, Gabriel and Natasha battle to prevent this sinister blight from being unleashed. With nothing but a tattered journal to guide them, they race from Italy to Morocco, and finally to the mountains of Northern Spain where they must locate a Lost Labyrinth spoken of by the ancients. There, deep in a Sacred Chamber, they will find salvation for mankind, but not without a price. A cosmic clock is ticking. It marks the world’s entry into the oblivion of the Dark Rift, and the final days that remain.

New release! ​After the Plague​ by Mike Bennett

February 16th, 2016 by Evo

Master of audiobook horror Mike Bennet is back, with a short new title (just six episodes) called After the Plague:

A hotel on the outskirts of London in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. A brutal couple, Lee and Mandy, arrive in a van with two captive women held as sex slaves. Lee and Mandy think the hotel is abandoned, a place to find food and shelter. However, Terry, a former employee who has made the hotel his own, has other ideas.

After the Plague is a novella by four-time Parsec Award winning author, Mike Bennett. It contains scenes of explicit violence and very strong language.

New release! The Purging Of Ruen by Thomas Corfield

January 25th, 2016 by Evo

Our latest book, The Purging Of Ruen, requires the creation of a new category: New Fable. As Thomas says, the genre covers books with “animals acting like people (albeit bizarrely) in a recognizably conventional world”. Give it a shot and let us know what you think!

When assigned to determine the cause of brewing tensions in the exclusive seaside city of Ruen, Oscar Teabag-Dooven discovers it’s on the brink of tearing itself apart. Things become complicated when it appears those responsible are in charge of running the place. Drawn into a scandalous plot of insanity and greed, Oscar befriends the Dervy, a young revolutionary, by throwing her off a cliff, and Horace, an elderly doctor with a phobia of worming ointments. Together they battle the ruthless genius of Sedervitz Tappen-Noo and the grievous insanity of the Pyjami, in an attempt to save a beautiful city from certain destruction. But things don’t go according to plan. Principally because they don’t have one.


New release! The Defendant by G.K. Chesterson

January 18th, 2016 by Evo

Keeping us stocked up on some classic public domain works, David “Grizzly” Smith returns with his narration of G.K. Chesterson’s The Defendant:

A collection of essays by Gilbert Keith Chesterton, “Defences” of things at best less appreciated than they ought to be.

“… It becomes increasingly apparent, therefore, that the world is in a permanent danger of being misjudged. That this is no fanciful or mystical idea may be tested by simple examples. The two absolutely basic words ‘good’ and ‘bad,’ descriptive of two primal and inexplicable sensations, are not, and never have been, used properly. Things that are bad are not called good by any people who experience them; but things that are good are called bad by the universal verdict of humanity.

“… I have found that every man is disposed to call the green leaf of the tree a little less green than it is, and the snow of Christmas a little less white than it is; therefore I have imagined that the main business of a man, however humble, is defence. I have conceived that a defendant is chiefly required when worldlings despise the world–that a counsel for the defence would not have been out of place in that terrible day when the sun was darkened over Calvary and Man was rejected of men.” G. K. C.