How to Get Your Book Listed on is the single largest library of freely available serialized audio books on the internet. If you are an author, publisher or producer and would like to have your book(s) listed with us as well — welcome aboard!

There are two ways to get your self-produced serialized audiobook added to our catalog, and neither of them cost you (or anyone else) anything:

1. The easiest and most automated way is by submitting your audiobook to Scribl. You’ll follow their tech specs, and the Scribl system will automatically create and distribute the files we need to Plus, you’ll get:

  • Automated checking of technical specifications
  • A single, unified interface
  • Distribution to Audible and other paying audiobook marketplaces
  • … and other bells and whistles modern indie authors should care about.

2. If you don’t want to (or can’t) utilize Scribl’s distribution reach and automated system, we’ve prepared updated tech specs, a 13-point, checklist, a hardware/software buying guide, and other helpful tips for creating the files of your serialized audiobook just for It’s a bit of a manual process, but not terribly hard. Just submit this form and we’ll get you the links so your can get started right away.

Either way works for us, and we’re excited that you’re ready to come on board with!

Got a question about which path is right for you? Shoot us a note at and let’s chat!