New release! Falling – Book 1 – The Sleep of Reason by Nicholas Lim

Falling is the first book in The Sleep of Reason series by Nicholas Lim. If you fancy a thriller in that’s complete in nine episodes, check it out!

“Every epidemic begins with a first infection, a first death”
A doctor is investigating three unusual deaths on the south coast of England. In finding the source of a hidden plague, she is faced with terrible choices. How much loyalty does a mother owe to her son? And how does a doctor choose between faith and her science?

3 Responses to “New release! Falling – Book 1 – The Sleep of Reason by Nicholas Lim”

  1. Justin A Says:

    Great story. Had me hooked right away. Top-notch narration! I can’t wait for more. Keep up the great work!

  2. Felix Milns Says:

    What a great read. the pattern maker is expertly crafted and imaginatively realised, and I love the interweaving of the storylines. The characters are well-rounded, it’s got the pace of a thriller with an added layer of literary sophistication. It’s full of thought-provokingly insightful comments and imaginative metaphors, as well as a healthy dose of cults, counter-cultures, science and religion. Uttlery Engaging

  3. Caroline Milns Says:

    Beautifully crafted covering contemporary issues, I found it a captivating read from start to finish. Highly recommend to anyone who enjoys a roller coaster of a read.

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