New release! The Myth of Jake by Kristine Rudolph

Kristine Rudolph adds to our growing collection of romance titles with the free serialized audiobook version of her work, The Myth of Jake:

When Southern golden boy and heir-apparent to a multigenerational legacy Jake Goodloe dies tragically, his best friend Maggie Carlton does what she always does in the face of pain – she writes. But Maggie’s effort to define Jake’s past has unintended consequences that force Maggie to re-evaluate their friendship as well as her most closely-held values.

Jake and Maggie have been best friends their whole lives and lovers from time-to-time. Growing up in the small town of Tempelton, Tennessee, they recognize in one another an inquisitiveness most of their fellow Tempeltonians seem to lack. Jake, the golden boy heir-apparent to an upstanding family’s legacy, struggles to reconcile his family and social demands with his innate curiosity and desire to leave the small town he finds so stifling. His friendship with Maggie offers a respite and provides an opportunity for honesty his everyday life does not. Though firmly plot-driven, The Myth of Jake is highly thematic and engages the reader in explorations of loss, religion, commitment, honesty, and authenticity.

2 Responses to “New release! The Myth of Jake by Kristine Rudolph”

  1. Abbie White Says:

    This is a great story about relationships. I really like this engaging book. The reading is well done. The characters are very interesting and their relationships are fascinating. I was captivated by the details of marital disputes. I could certainly relate to some of the anger and frustration expressed. I loved the author’s narrative on teaching writing classes to young students and adults. The student discussion on passion was enlightening. I would have liked to have more content with the beginning of the last chapter with regards to the family situation. Structurely, it seems like the last chapter should be split into two. Overall, I really enjoyed this author’s contribution and thank her for making this available at

  2. Deborah Says:

    Your book was absolutely wonderful. Wish there was a sequel 🙂


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