New release! Lift Off !, by Kelly Clous

If you like your Christian fiction with some super hero action at the teen-level,  our newest young adult title by Kelly Clous may be just what you’re looking for. Check out Lift Off ! and find out:

Lift Off is the ultimate game – a game of strength, speed, strategy, and teamwork! After several intense competitions, a seventh grader, Kyle, earns a position on the Guardian’s Lift Off team. Now Kyle and five other students will go head to head with six members of their rival school, the Protector Academy. Sometimes they will be able to use their supernatural powers. For other contests, they must relay on their non-Enhanced physical and mental skills. It all takes place with the idyllic backdrop of the beautiful Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. At first it seems like just a game. Then things changed and the outcome of the game may make the difference between life and death. Now Kyle must decide exactly how important it is to win. Is winning more important than doing what is right? This is a superhero fiction for the independent reader to young adult (or young at heart) crowd.

2 Responses to “New release! Lift Off !, by Kelly Clous”

  1. Homer19k Says:

    Could be interesting but i wont listen to it simply because the format is just horrible. 65 Episodes each 3 (!) to 6 minutes long each with the same 20 second intro. Thats just incredibly annoying. And rips you out of the flow everytime. I assume most people download the whole thing and put it on their portable devices and listen to the book at least for 15-30 minutes.

    20-30 Minutes episodes are ok. And a bit longer intro would be alright with this lenght too. Even a small commercial would be alright with that lenght.

  2. Rob Sharpe Says:

    I agree completely. Thirty plus minute episodes would be entirely acceptable advertisements. Any time an audiobook has more than just a couple of episodes under fifteen minutes I pass right over it.

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