New release! Primitive by David Wood

David Wood has a new title narrated by Jeffrey Kafer. It’s called Primitive, and here’s what it’s all about:

Some legends are true.

It is a myth out of history, spawned by Native American lore and the stories of Spanish Explorers. But what if the legends are true? Former Navy SEAL turned treasure hunter Uriah “Bones” Bonebrake sets off on his first solo adventure in this action-packed novella.

When television host Joanna Slater hires bones to help investigate one of Florida’s oldest and best-known legends, their crew gets more than they bargained for. Mystery and thrills abound in PRIMITIVE!

6 Responses to “New release! Primitive by David Wood”

  1. Solid Granite Says:

    Well done! An enjoyable tale… Hopefully we’ll hear more from this author, and this narrator. My only negative is the extremely short chapter length… 🙂

  2. Dave, not that one. Says:

    This was great and not so predictable. I almost missed that extra little twist near the end, had to go back & make sure I heard it right.

  3. Justin A Says:

    Great Listen! If you love adventure stories you will love this. I wish there was more!

  4. marta Says:

    This book is simply awesome!!!

  5. dave Says:

    I’ve read the book, and it is very good, but the lengths for each chapter seem very short. i haven’t downloaded them all yet, but I’m seeing Chapter 1 with a length of 7:35. Is this accurate? Is this abridged?

  6. wild bill Says:

    Interesting story, well performed. BUT, those short chapters! Seems like each is a third intro and outro. Looking forward to more anyway.

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