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New release! Astreya: Book 1. The Voyage South by Seymour Hamilton

Sunday, June 29th, 2014

Looking for a fantasy/scifi young adult mashup? Seymour has it with Astreya: Book 1. The Voyage South: When Astreya is 17, his widowed mother gives him his father’s knife, riddling notebook and bracelet.  Searching for the meaning of his strange inheritance he sails south into adventure:  he endures storm at sea, betrayal, slavery, night escapes, false accusations […]

New release! Montgomery’s Trouble in the Underworld by Phin Hall

Sunday, June 15th, 2014

Here’s a new fantasy-based children’s tale by Phin Hall. It’s called Montgomery’s Trouble in the Underworld: Thirteen-year-old Montgomery does not believe in magic. But then, he’d have said people don’t live hundreds of metres below London, yet here they are! And in the Underworld city of Lundarien they have eight kinds of magic – the ‘Magic […]

New release! Out of the Bag and Other Quirky Short Stories

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

Here’s a quick compilation by Deborah Ochery, Janet Loftis, and Xina Marie Uhl: Five humorous short stories make up this collection by the authors of XC Here you’ll find a quirky mix of romance, science fiction, and fantasy tales by Deborah Ochery, Janet L. Loftis, and Xina Marie Uhl with one thing in common […]