New release! From the Flames by Trisha M. Wilson

Trisha and Colbytrax are on a tear. Her latest, a fantasy work called From the Flames, clocks in at 94 episodes. Talk about epic. Here’s what you’re in for:

The people of the Fire, the Blesa, led by their Queens, have ruled the Island of Alfeyju and oppressed the Driva, the people of the Ice, for more than sixteen generations.

With the Drivian King in hiding, and little hope on the horizon, the Driva look to one person to save them from the vile Blesa: the Diviana.

According to legend, the divinely gifted Diviana will one day overthrow the Blesa and restore the Drivian King to his rightful throne.

But with the search having lasted for more than four hundred years, will the Diviana ever come to light?

Willow is the slave of the Raskpil family. Bought at the age of four, twenty years have passed since her life irrevocably changed. Her existence is no worse than any other slave, but within, Willow wonders if there isn’t something more she should be doing with her life other than serving the ungrateful.

Ordered to travel with her master’s family to Sondertoft so her master’s adult children can take part in an ancient rite of passage, Willow is shocked when she learns that she too must participate.

Will she fail as all before her have?

Will she rise to the challenge and become stronger after passing through the flames?

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4 Responses to “New release! From the Flames by Trisha M. Wilson”

  1. Solid Granite Says:

    So far, its a very enjoyable “listen”…but the repeated intro with each episode has become a little grating. Same with the music at the end of the episode. A 15 minute episode is really about 10 minutes of story, and 5 minutes of repeated intro and the same music. That being said, I would recommend this podiobook to all who enjoy a good adventure story, and Ms Wilson has certainly written one!

  2. Chealita Says:

    I really enjoyed this book. I was funny and entertaining i really didn’t want it to end. I agree that having the intro repeated did get a little irritating especially since i couldn’t wait to get into the story but other that that i have no complaints.

  3. Shawn Says:

    Enjoyable story, but there is over 7 hours of intro/outro… It fast becomes painful.

  4. Ron Says:

    Good plot. However, the story itself could benefit from some extensive editing and rewriting. There are too many situations that don’t quite make sense.

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