Hall of Mirrors – The Collected Stories by Mike Bennett

Over the years, Mike Bennett has done various things with his Hall of Mirrors stories. Now, he’s consolidated everything in audio, releasing Hall of Mirrors – The Collected Stories on our site today. Enjoy the horror from one of our master producers!

From award-winning author, Mike Bennett, comes Hall of Mirrors: Tales of Horror and the Grotesque. Here you will find stories of Hell and damnation, ghosts, madness, murder, vampires, bizarre hair restoration disasters, and … pigeons, among other things.
Hall of Mirrors is a collection of modern gothic tales with a nail of dark humour hammered through its heart; horrible, grotesque and hilarious. So roll up, ladies and gentlemen, and enter the Hall of Mirrors – if you dare.

A modern master of horror, dark comedy, and creepy psychological thrillers. I won’t compare him to anyone else because quite frankly, in my humble opinion, he’s head and shoulders above them all.
Daniel Shaurette. Out of the Coffin Podcast.

Hall of Mirrors – The Collected Stories, is a combination of the two previously available Podiobooks podcasts, Hall of Mirrors Volumes One and Two.

5 Responses to “Hall of Mirrors – The Collected Stories by Mike Bennett”

  1. Laurie Says:

    These Podcasts were how I discovered Mr. Bennett. Trolls is still troubling me years later.Night Crossing was the start of an amazing adventure that continues today.Check out Underwood and Flinch if you haven’t! The whole volume is a great listen, every story will keep you enthralled. I’m not a writer, Obviously! But I’m a very Happy Listener and reader thanks to Mike Bennett

  2. Pam Culpepper Says:

    Mike Bennett is an amazing author AND narrator! These stories are sure to give you chills! Also his story Underwood And Flinch gets it’s start right here in Night Crossing! Mike is one of the VERY best authors on podiobooks! If your a Scott Sigler fan you’re gonna love Mike too!

  3. Roscola Says:

    Like Horror? Like Humour? Like Professional Voice Acting?
    Download these now! Mike is the master of all the above, you will not find a more talented author/narrator on all the internets.
    Go on, do it… NOW!

  4. Emerian Rich Says:

    No one compares to Mike when it comes to narration. His stories stick with you and may even keep you up at night, wondering what might be in your closet, coming up the stairs, or in your very bed! Great listen. Not to be missed.

  5. Stephanie Says:

    Absolutely terrifying. You can view his newest works on Patreon. 🙂

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