New release! Firmware: Proxy by Colbytrax

The second book is out! Please enjoy Firmware: Proxy by Colbytrax:

Isaac Sarason is a skilled hacker formerly employed by British Telecom-Sprint.

With his health failing, Isaac did the only thing he could think of: He ran.

He found a haven in a working class district of the City known as Little Russia.

There Isaac took on a new name: Ishmael.

Within hours of his arrival, he was embroiled in the affairs of a brutal member of the Lomidze organized crime family known as Leo.

Convinced by a longtime friend, Frankie, to flee from his commitments to the Lomidze family, Isaac found himself hunted by the ruthless Leo.

On a rooftop, far from witnesses, Leo murdered Frankie.

Only through the use of his skills as a hacker was Isaac able to drive Leo off.

Now wounded, alone, and far from help, Isaac depends of the kindness of strangers.

What do you do when the only way to save those you love is through the use of Proxies?

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  1. AndyW Says:

    If you liked the first Book Hijacked you will like this one too. A solid continuation of the dark cyberpunkstory. Again Good audioquality and very well read. If you like scifi and cyperpunk give this series a chance.

    My point of criticism would be the rather short chapters which could be easily forgiven if there wouldn’t be the 1min 25sek summary of Hijacked at the beginning of EVERY episode.

    Of course you could just skip that part


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