New release! The Merchant Adventurer by Patrick E. McLean

If you need a little funny fantasy in your life, this gem by Patrick E. McLean should do the trick. Check out The Merchant Adventurer:

After countless heroes fail to overcome an evil Wizard, Boltac, humble shopkeeper, must answer the Call of Adventure and save his home and the woman he loves.

If you like the Princess Bride, if you’ve ever played a cRPG or if you like Terry Pratchett, then this is the audiobook for you.

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  1. AndyW Says:

    Exellent work. Great Narration And Story. If you liked Mr.Mclean’s works so far its almost guaranteed that you will like this book too. And if you haven’t listened or read any of his previous works (you should) and just want to listen to a good and refreshing approach of the “classical fantasy”-Story this book is sure as hell worth a try.


  2. Dan Dan The Art Man Says:

    I’ve only listened to the first episode but this book is fantastic. Great writing. Hilarious, and of course fantastic narration. It’s what I’ve come to expect from Patrick though, so I knew I’d be in good hands. I highly recommend this title. I’ve like all of his other books too.

  3. Dan Dan The Art Man Says:

    I’m halfway through the book now and it has continued to be great. Witty, very funny, and now as the title states we’re going on an adventure. I love adventures. Patrick is a fantastic narrator too which adds a lot to the enjoyment of listening to this novel. I highly recommend this title.

  4. Dan Dan The Art Man Says:

    Yeah! I finished the book. Here’s my review:

    This book by Patrick E. McLean was awesome. I listened to the audiobook narrated by the author. He is a fantastic narrator. His delivery of all the characters’ lines were so good. He got the voice for the protagonist perfectly. The wizard and an interesting Orc character – I distinctly remember them all and they were unique and interesting voices that really brought the story alive and made the fantastic dialog shine. Now onto the story.

    I really enjoyed the story. I was never bored, which sadly I can’t say about many novels. First off, I love adventure stories. This was an adventure story that was very different. You can tell by the title. What? A merchant going on an adventure? Yes. But he’s what you might expect from Patrick, a character who uses his brains and wit to get what he wants. He’s not swinging a sword. He’s not out for glory. He never set out to be a hero.

    As much as I love fantasy for all its tropes, it was refreshing to read a story with a very different kind of protagonist. The wizard was a great character too. A bit of what we expect except when it comes to his personality. He was a fun antagonist.

    Author Patrick E. McLean

    Another great thing about this story is that I was never able to guess what was going to happen next. In a way that Boltak the main character might say it: “This ain’t your ordinary fantasy adventure kid.” Something else I liked was the prose. Usually it was snappy witty dialogue that had me laughing a lot. Sometimes, however, there were remarkable phrases elegantly describing things of beauty. More quiet moments where you weren’t waiting for the next laugh but carefully reading or listening to each word. When you get to chapter 37 you’ll see what I mean. Great writing.

    So yeah I gave this novel a 5 star rating because it was a blast to read, had fantastic writing, and I’m really glad I gave it a go.

  5. Alina Chand Says:

    Thank you, Patrick McLean for an absolutely delightful tale. The characters were unique and vivid and the story so interesting and fun. The reading was perfection.

  6. Robin Says:

    What an enjoyable and unexpected story. The voices were a pleasure to listen to enhancing the overall enjoyment. I have listened to many of Pastrtick audiobooks and this is right up there with the best of therm. Well done, keep up the good work. Donation on its way.

  7. Mathew Wood Says:

    Fantastic story, brilliantly read highly recommend

  8. Audrey Meyer Says:

    I have luckily just stumbled upon Patrick McLean, well not literally but am so happy to find such a great imaginative author. The storyline is entertaining with twists. His characters are unique and well-developed and oh, did I mention his narration? Awesome! Each character comes alive in front of you, like you’re watching a movie. Keep writing Partrick and we’ll keep reading and listening and supporting.

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