New release! Cain’t Do Nothing With Love by Ellen Morris Prewitt

There’s a new short story collection live. Please enjoy Cain’t Do Nothing With Love by Ellen Morris Prewitt:

Love is connecting with the man in the maroon Bonneville who killed your Big Naked Guy. Love is responding to grief by inviting the Devil into your home. Love is finding yourself sitting Zen in an Elk’s Lodge. Love is learning your mom is boinking a dude in a squirrel costume.

The quirky characters in Cain’t Do Nothing with Love get themselves in the worst pickles, thanks to love . . . can love get them out? Join them as they travel the wandering, unpredictable path of love.

Nine of the fourteen stories in Cain’t Do Nothing with Love have been previously published in literary journals, such as Arkansas Review, Gulf Coast Literary Journal, Southern Women’s Review. Several have won regional or national contests. You will note, the stories carry a Southern theme. Many are humorous.

The stories also carry a message—doesn’t all good writing? If the message resonates with you, or you just like the story, feel free to click on the Charities page and follow the accompanying links. Do not feel you must make a donation—this is purely optional, at your discretion, take it or leave it.

6 Responses to “New release! Cain’t Do Nothing With Love by Ellen Morris Prewitt”

  1. 1000 Listeners | cain't do nothing with love Says:

    […] They also included notification of the new release on their podiobooks blog .  […]

  2. Rick DeStefanis Says:

    A wonderfully unique view of life in the South in which Ellen Morris Prewitt illuminates our human frailties in a very entertaining manner, this collection of stories is well worth the listener’s time.

  3. Lucie Le Blanc Says:

    This book is not something I would usually go for but I gave it a chance and I was agreably surprised. I thought the stories would be overly sweet and preachy but it’s not what the author went for. They are at the same time funny, snarky and touching.

    Don’t let the audio quality and souhern accent deter you: I enjoyed this recording, even if I normally have difficulties understanding strong accents since english is not my first language.

  4. JeNM Says:

    This is a great collection of wonderfully written stories, each a little different but always meaningful. I’d love to hear/read more from Ellen Morris Prewit.

  5. Corabel Shofner Says:

    I was so blown away by Ellen Morris Prewitt’s writing that I bought a bunch of CDs and gave them away for Christmas presents. She has a voice that walks in the room and tells you a thing or two. Colorful, true and heartfelt. So glad to have discovered this writer.

  6. Suzanne Henley Says:

    Prewitt creates uniquely colorful characters rooted in the southern landscape with a cauldron of sometimes raucous, sometimes whimsical, but always right-on humor. She captures the human condition that knows no geographic boundary.

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