New release! Black Magic by Dan Shaurette

Check out the star-studded cast helping Dan Shaurette on his free serialized audio book, Black Magic:

BLACK MAGIC, is a new short story by Dan Shaurette, a prequel to his upcoming novel, BLACK CITY.

Capt. Matt Black and Dr. Andrew MacGillivray are a pair of paranormal private eyes hot on the trail of someone — or something — killing women during the raucous 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago. Stranger things are afoot however when their friend, L. Frank Baum, finds a man who was brutally attacked not far from the Fair.

Featuring the voice talents of Mat Weller, Murdo Morrison, Marc Vale, Jack Mangan, Jack Hosley, Dani Cutler, Emerian Rich, Kinsey Swartz, and Brandon Ferris.This story was originally serialized on the podcast.

The theme music for Black Magic is “Wine” by Jack Mangan. All other music and sound effects were provided by the Free Sound Project, at


3 Responses to “New release! Black Magic by Dan Shaurette”

  1. Chet Says:

    Honestly I gave it a try, with short episodes and some of the vocal talent I thought it should be a fun listen.

    After the first three episodes I hopped it was going to get better, I had to give up all hope when the story jumped into a rewrite of the first episodes general narrative.

    I have listened to many different audio productions over the years, several with great characters and some with not so great story lines. This one just fell flat, there may be a story in there worth telling but I just couldn’t locate it, nor could I see any of the main characters as more than a cardboard cutouts badly pasted onto an old serial.

  2. David Says:

    I wanted to like it. It was so tedious. Let’s put it this way……Sigler blows these guys away.

  3. Dave H. Says:

    The readers were dorky and boring as hell. The segments were too short and the followed annoying announcements. An irritating experience.

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