New release! The Guild of the Cowry Catchers, Book 3 Ashes by Abigail Hilton

A crowd favorite returns! Enjoy The Guild of the Cowry Catchers, Book 3 Ashes. Here’s what it’s all about:

The Guild of the Cowry Catchers, Book 3 Ashes by Abigail HiltonTHEY LOST EVERYTHING THAT DEFINED THEM. EXCEPT EACH OTHER.

Gerard Holovar, Captain of the Temple Police, was only trying to do the right thing when he spared the life of a pirate. He gambled. And he lost.

Now, mired in grief and choking on despair, he stumbles through days of slave labor, mourning his loved ones and trying to understand where he went wrong. His life as a prince and Captain of Police becomes a hazy memory. When Gerard’s luck finally changes, he emerges from the slave deck of a ship–free, but numb and scarred. He plans to leave Wefrivain, believing that everything he knew and loved is dead.

Gerard may have let go of his past, but his past hasn’t quite let go of him. While struggling to survive as an escaped slave in the wilderness of the Lawless Lands, Gerard finds a friend in even more desperate straits–a friend who betrayed him, a friend he thought was dead. Gerard realizes that, while he could not save everyone, he may be able to save one person. And perhaps here, in the ashes of their lives, there may still be time for second chances.

5 Responses to “New release! The Guild of the Cowry Catchers, Book 3 Ashes by Abigail Hilton”

  1. Stacy Says:

    Only on Chapter 19 so far but you have managed to both pluck at my heartstrings and shock me with surprises! Another awesome installment!!! Thank you! 🙂

  2. GKML Says:

    The character work in this production is fabulous, especially with Silvio. I have hear a lot of mixed responses to this installment in the series, mostly with people who are offended by homosexual relation ships…. HELLO! Abby has warned us EVERY time, ” if you are offendeable, you will be offended”. I really like the series, and personally wish there were more bad-ass ship battles and dragon/wyvern fighting (is this a kissing book?) in this one, but to each his own. Over all, I am quite invested in the characters, and found this book to be satisfying.

  3. Treamaya Says:

    Book 3 lost the storyline in pursuit a justifying a relationship. Nearly the whole book is night after night of beachside “romance”. One night would be fine, but an entire spring spent walking the beach? The story line through the winter was good, but then it fell apart. The action, magic, and mystery is what I really liked in the first 2 books. Turning this into a gay romance story halfway through the series is what lost my interested. I doubt I’ll bother with the next 2 books with how poor this story turned out.

  4. Kevin Says:

    I liked the other two books, and wasn’t offended by the graphic homosexual content, but dedicating an ENTIRE installment to a walk on a beach with no other story line but sex and romance is not what I was looking for in a fantasy novel about Pirates.

  5. milo Says:

    Note from the moderators: This next comment is a first in the history of Podiobooks and we didn’t quite know what to do with it. Negative comments, we’ve seen them aplenty and we respect that every one has an opinion. But, in this case, the commenter gave truth to the saying that opinions are like a certain body part: every one has one. Well, ladies and gentlemen, we just found ours.

    We are not opposed to the homophobic nature of the comment in itself. The author got a lot of those already. What we are amazed about is that the commenter went on to spoil every and each big reveals contained in this book, thus destroying the story for the people who have not listened to it yet. Still, the commenter felt that it was his (or her) duty to listen to the entirety of the book just to spoil it for everybody coming after him/her.

    So we had to decide what to do about it before liberating it from the moderation pit. Enjoy.

    PS We left the orthography as it was. We did absolutely nothing to it.




    Book 3 …Seriously…. just skip it. Your hero ————, guy who caused ———– becomes ————, and they make —– with —————- and another —— creature, and ———– up on ————-. Really… skip it. Storyline is lame, unbelievable and unworthy of being in the series. UNess gay relationshipstatus areally universally understood to be built on dysfuntion, the author has nothing to offer the lister but disappointment. .

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