New release! Tatoes in Space by davyferguson

And we always called them taters where I grew up. Obviously, that wasn’t Ireland. That’s where davyferguson is from, and they call them tatoes, apparently. And sometimes, if you look close enough, you can find Tatoes in Space:

Tatoes in Space by davyfergusonThe all new Irish Space Opera “Tatoes in Space starring Clint Mitchum as Captain Spud- lead guitarist and singer of the tribute Crusty Rock band- Captain Spud and the Revellers. Now touring Ireland amusically playing cover versions of the English band ‘The Levellers’. They sweat and skimp for a meagre living on the road.

One dark stormy night the band are in their van driving away from a gig- it’s late- Guinness the female roadie is driving blurry eyed down a dark Irish country lane that leads to God know where . . .

Then the moment that the vaste tri-angular Alien spacecraft that had been tracking the van- crash landed in a potatoe field.

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  1. jayseye Says:

    Is Dan Quayle your consultant on how to spell “potato?”

  2. klarzy Says:

    TATOES is one of the most popular Irish crisps available and they are great, tasty and cleverly put together… unlike the person who made the last comment!

  3. davyferguson Says:


    Tatoes in Space by davyferguson

    Tatoes in Space

    Weird Audio Productions, 2012

    This audio drama, combining futuristic speculation, nostalgia for the days of steam radio, a fascination with space epics past and present, plus a welter of in-jokes both obscure and familiar, is just the kind of thing the internet was made for. It hooks the listeners’ attention and doesn’t let go; we want to know what’s happening next – as in all the best serials – while admiring the sheer versatility of writer/producer Davy Ferguson.

    I won’t attempt to give any idea of the plot – it is both too complicated and too involved to do so. Suffice to say that it involves issues of discovery, possession, loss, success and failure; the kind of things characteristic of all good space operas. However I will say that the serial as a whole is extremely addictive.

    At the time of writing, I could not find all episodes of the serial available to listen. I urge davyferguson to make them all available once more at the earliest possible opportunity.

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