Now releasing Armand Ptolemy and the Golden Aleph by Mark Jeffrey

One of the First Five, Mark Jeffrey is back with an all new tale! And if you’re used to his Family Friendly tales: be advised! This one is not marked as such. Here’s Armand Ptolemy and the Golden Aleph:

Synchronicity machines. Difference engines melded with the iChing. Geomancy: the art of making stone float with sound. The hacker collective ‘Anonymous’. Secret societies …

This is the world of ARMAND PTOLEMY, a new action-adventure hero. Facing an enemy armed with the Golden Aleph — a mystical device that allows its wielder to see holographically into every point in time and space, Ptolemy must use every trick of his Oxford-educated mind and circus-trained body to succeed.

But how do you fight an enemy that knows your every move … even before you do?

When Armand Ptolemy is called to investigate strange tremors plaguing an old wing of the New York public library, he finds himself enmeshed in a series of events that began in 1912. Yet Ptolemy himself is rumored to be from the past himself — and the world’s Elite lust after the secret of how he seemingly jumped forward over one hundred years in time. Most keenly interested in this secret is Octavio Veerspike, head of the Veerspike banking dynasty.

When the Commission — a secret society of the world’s most powerful people — suddenly call a conclave in the tropics, Ptolemy has to figure out what they’re up to, and fast.

But the Elites have other ideas. Putting into a motion the capstone of a hundred-years old plan, the Commission wants Ptolemy out of the way. And with the Golden Aleph giving them very potent powers of prediction, they just may succeed.

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  1. Barry b Says:

    I really liked the first episode and partway into the second. I have to say that I found the political insertion quite jarring even though I personally agree with some of the sentiments. Took me way way out of the story.

  2. Mark Jeffrey (author) Says:

    Barry — Self critique? You’re right 🙂 Difficult chapter to write, felt I needed to set the stakes, could be tighter. But the rest of the chaps are like the first one, I don’t do it again, please give the rest a shot! 🙂 Thanks for listening.

  3. Mark Says:

    This is a great book ,”Armand Ptolemy” just keeps getting more fascinating and riveting. Each chapter adds interest to the next without confusing me,which is easy to do, the story is complex but easy to follow. It is also fun to listen to.
    One question, are the quotes from the historical world leaders at the start of each chapter real? (I don’t doubt it and I suppose I could Google them). I am looking forward to the rest of the book. This is one I would highly recommend .

  4. Dan Jeffrey Says:

    I first tried your books because my Grandfather was also Mark Jeffrey but I quickly found I really liked that first series, Max Quick. This one promised much the same in fresh imagination and story telling but chapter 2 really concerns me as there are many people still ready to believe in these conspiracies and one of them has a history of hate that needs no wind to fan its flames.

  5. Mark Jeffrey Says:

    Mark: Yes every single quote in this book is real. These historical figures really did say these things. Glad you’re enjoying the book!! And Dan: yes conspiracy theories are a core part of the book, no doubt about it. Chapter 2 lays them out and what the stakes are. However: I certainly would *not* characterize anything in book as hateful, whether you buy into – or even suspect – the reality of such things or not. I would absolutely take issue with that kind of characterization.

  6. Dan Jeffrey Says:

    Glad to hear it and I certainly didn’t mean that you yourself were pushing hate but you have to be careful what conspiracies you bring up as some who are inspired by their mention to research them further have little education and poor judgment and will think they have found evidence to feed the hatred they already have of for instance a racial/cultural group of which I am a poor member — e.g. International Banking Conspiracy.

  7. Grace Cloud Says:

    Hi, Mark.
    Thank you for sharing Armand with us.
    I am SO ready for more chapters.
    Fun and intriguing.
    Narration is flawless.
    OK, did the schmoozing work? Can I have more please?

  8. Mark Jeffrey Says:


    Yes it did! Apologies for delay — moved and had some illness during Feb, all better now, recording more this evening!!
    – M

  9. A Mckay Says:

    Can’t leave me hanging like this driving me crazy.

  10. A Mckay Says:

    sorry to hear you were unwell 🙁

  11. Mark Jeffrey Says:

    Just finished recording the rest of it; need to edit it and submit and it will be DONE!! Another few days and it should be released: 4 more chaps till end

  12. Grace Cloud Says:


  13. Mike Reeves McMillan Says:

    The conspiracy theories put me off – but not enough to stop listening.

    The completely absurd premise of the Golden Aleph, passed off with a bit of mystico-technobabble and the comment by a character that it “isn’t much of stretch” (which it is), put me off – but not enough to stop listening.

    But extended descriptions of cruelty put me off enough that I’ve stopped listening.

    It’s well-written. But it’s not the book for me.

  14. Grace Cloud Says:


  15. Mark Jeffrey Says:

    Hi Grace — it’s done now, last 4 chapters uploaded, completed!!

  16. Steve Says:

    I have enjoyed this book, it is a lot of fun…but Mark, you shouldn’t hold back, tell us what your political views really are(sarcasm)…Like I said, lots of fun, well written and well narrated I am jealous that you can do both.

  17. Keith Hughes Says:

    I enjoyed this book and certainly hope that there are more coming. I felt a little cheated at what felt like a rather abrupt ending. It seemed like there was so much more to go, and then there’s the epilogue! Still, an interesting story that I’m looking forward to see completed.

  18. Jason Says:

    I’ll begin by saying that I really enjoyed this book. A few goofs in the narration but over all that was fluid and captivating as well. The only draw back for me is that it ended before the climax. I realize that was intentional and another installment is in the works. I’m definitely checking for it because I HAVE to know! I feel like I just watched the terminator load up all of his guns to fight the::::roll credits::::

  19. Jack Says:

    A possibly interesting narrative scarred by poor narration – the many instances of misspeaking mar this reader’s ability to listen.

  20. A.J. Says:

    If you have a strong distrust of anything you do not understand, if you want to believe that the simple greed of simple people is not enough but that there has to be a Hidden Evil behind this all, this is the book for you. The action scenes are great, though, and I managed to not my eyes too violently at the conspiratorial and technobabble segments.

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