Now releasing Tales From the Vault, Volume One by Neil Colquhoun

Since the opening lines of the description of this book tell the story, how about I just shut up and let him get on with it?

In ‘Tales from the Vault‘, Scottish author Neil Colquhoun brings you a collection of 10 short stories that are linked by blood.

In ‘Access Denied’ a man who is continually being targeted by a gang of local kids finally takes the law into his own hands with disastrous consequences. ‘Blind’ will make you look twice at some of the people in your neighbourhood, especially sweet little old ladies. ‘The Debt Collector’ is a dark tale in which one man realises that all debts have to be collected regardless of the consequences. A character in ‘Angel’ could really be what he thinks he is, or be something else completely. ‘Machine’ is a science-fiction story about a computer that will change the world. In ‘Genesis’, two men, The Boss and Kid A, are searching for a famous character who has floated away in space. ‘The Muse’ is a tale about a writer who has lost his inspiration and is looking for something to kick-start his creative process again. ‘Patient Number Two (Coma)’ is about wishing to live longer, not wanting to die and the dangers of a heart transplant. ‘Afraid of Sunlight’ has a stranger and a man who has memories of a dark period in his life. ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ is a tale of love with no boundaries.

Be prepared to listen to things a bit weird, sometimes horrific, a little strange… but all have the same hybrid horror/sci-fi/fantasy mix that Neil Colquhoun does best.

3 Responses to “Now releasing Tales From the Vault, Volume One by Neil Colquhoun”

  1. Neil Colquhoun Says:

    Well, it’s here on Podiobooks.
    I want to thank Evo and the team for the help in getting ‘Tales from the Vault’ on here, and hope it’ll be the first of many books.

    So, comments please.
    I want to know what the listeners think?

    Stay Alive – Neil

  2. Stephanie Says:

    Love the stories and your reading style. I do have one minor request. Many of your stories just end. Access Denied, Blind and Debt collector could have had much more added to it. Debt Collector had a rough cliffhanger and left me needing more. My advice would be to broaden your stories. You have good chacters, setting and a plot. It is just that the climax is weak. But thankfully that is an easy fix. I really hope that you will write more and maybe even add on to your original stories up here. They really are worth a listen and I enjoyed listening to these stories. 4 stars out of 5 stars only because of the endings. Great work!

  3. Emerian Rich Says:

    Thanks for the entertainment Nick! Awesome stories. I especially liked killer Granny! Hhehee.

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