New and complete! Spirit Blade, The Novel by Paeter Frandsen

Please enjoy Spirit Blade, The Novel by Paeter Frandsen, released today in its entirety:

In a future where the government mandates the spiritual beliefs of its citizens, only a few rebellious “Seekers of Truth” remain to free the world from deception.

On his quest for meaning, Merikk follows a path that leads him across our world, and into another. Against his will he is thrown into action alongside members of the Underground Liberation, standing face to face against forces human, alien and demonic. Science fiction and the supernatural collide in a genre-bending adventure! Open your mind and then brace for impact as you discover the power of the Spirit Blade!

The Spirit Blade Audio Book is a novel that serves as the source material for the scripts of the Spirit Blade Audio Drama Trilogy. This archived draft has been converted into an enhanced audio book format read by Paeter Frandsen and featuring sound effects and musical score from the “Spirit Blade” and “Spirit Blade: Dark Ritual” audio dramas!

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  1. Dottie Says:

    This book is simply FANTASTIC! The story is riveting. The audio is amazing. The reader does very well. This story gave me chills and thrills at almost the same time.

    I SO hope you will let us know when the trilogy is available

  2. Casey Says:

    I’ve read Peretti, Lahaye and Dekker – Paeter Frandsen, author of “Spirit Blade” is better than them all. Expert storytelling, character growth and development, and real-world application. Among the best I’ve read in a long time.

  3. craig Says:

    I have not listened to the Spirit Blade audiodrama, in fact I have not heard of the story prior to this podcast. I do like the podcast, I’m 3-4 episodes in. Interesting plot-hook – serializing the Christian Vision as a drama. Nice. The story is entertaining if not rigorously well written or scrupulously tight. Perhaps this early draft – as it is termed in the intro – is different than the final audiodrama. That said, my criticism, and warning to listeners,is that the text gets very preachy. The scene where the new guy meets the leader and we get THE WHOLE of the Christian ethic, which we all know and need not hear in it’s entirety, is ponderous. I am a devout Christian, so it did not bother me, but as a listener, it did.

  4. Paeter Frandsen Says:

    Thanks for the comments, guys! To address a few specifics, the audio dramas share the same core story but many supporting plot-lines have been removed or replaced. They are a wildly different experience from the audio book, but if you enjoy the main concept and story of the book you’ll probably enjoy the audio dramas even more!

    As for the trilogy itself, Dottie, the first two audio dramas in the trilogy are available now at and the third part of the trilogy is being scripted now with plans to record in late 2011/early2012.

    There are no plans of any kind to continue the story as it is presented in the audio book here. But the audio dramas are similar enough that if you want a continuation of the same basic story with the same primary characters, they are the place to go next.

    I hope that info is helpful! Thanks again to all of you for checking out the audio book!


  5. Tom Says:

    Just finished listening to this book, all I can say is it’s great. The audio quality is outstanding. The story is gripping and the production quality top notch. I thoroughly enjoyed it, thanks!


  6. Renee Says:

    Superbly done Paeter! I too am a Christian listener and love it when I can find audio books and movies that help introduce God to people in a way that is intriguing, exciting, and gripping. Audio quality is great and your skill (good timing, tempo, inflection, tone, and clarity) of bringing the story to life for us listeners is wonderful.

    Thank you!

  7. bigdave290 Says:

    This book could have been great but sadly wasn’t. In my honest opinion, there could have been so much more to it and it could have been so much better in so many ways. It would have been better in my opinion if they had used allegory to explain what they wanted to get across. But including Christ in a sci-fi novel is a little much to the point of distasteful. Think of the Matrix series. They used Christ in that, but it was an allegorical Christ in the form of Neo. Having a Christ figure in sci-fi is kind of a staple and it reaches more people when its representative of Christ as opposed to Christ himself. It lowers Christ to being something of just a character in a story and will reach less people. Please consider that when you write your next book.

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